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Subreddit of the Week: Antimeme

So unfunny it’s funny. Welcome to the Antimeme subreddit.

Memes. They’re an integral part of the internet—nay, our culture. If it doesn’t have a meme, it’s not in the zeitgeist. And though that may be a somewhat concerning thought considering that historians will look back at our time and study our culture by analyzing memes. Wait, that actually sounds kinda cool. Let those historians be baffled by the fact we were so obsessed with “freesh avohcadoo”.

While this subreddit does contain memes, they are the most matter-of-fact, logical, and unfunny memes. Somehow, that’s what makes them hilarious.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Susan G Komen 3 Day/Unsplash]

No jokes. Just straight facts. Welcome to the Antimeme subreddit.

The Antimeme subreddit is full of the obvious. Ever wondered what The Lord of the Rings would look like written by JK Rowling? Or what Rick Astley really meant in his iconic song? This subreddit has the answer.

Some of our other favourites include the classic note-passing meme and the man making an announcement at the help desk to find someone meme, except this time around, they just pretty much state the obvious. In fact, you’ll probably recognise a lot of the memes here like evil Mr. Incredible and the dog in the burning house. But r/antimeme turns them on their heads, or perhaps they are now just in their purest form. We might get too existential here.

Other top posts include seeing a jet, DJ Khaled making an obvious statement, and a statement about every girl in the world, and we mean literally.

Here are some of the posts from r/Antimeme.

I wonder how many of these "original ideas" of mine I need, to mimic others’ power.
by u/LeaningIntoOblivion in antimeme

They actually do
by u/Kekesos in antimeme

Pretty much
by u/Mind_if_I- in antimeme

OMG, this is so true.
by u/Dobilevi_ in antimeme

by u/Cyrlop in antimeme

Literally every girl
by in antimeme

This is fine.
by u/thez1337 in antimeme

It’s hot up here
by u/King_JB_09 in antimeme

This isn’t a trick
by in antimeme

We’re no strangers to prison
by u/A20characterlongname in antimeme

me when I die
by u/Cenat16 in antimeme

Stay in school
by u/EffectLive97 in antimeme

Well yes
by u/sapnu__puas__ in antimeme

Subreddit of the Week: Antimeme

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