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How ‘You and Me and Me’ finds its own rhythm and flavour, beyond ‘My Girl’

Prepare to be enticed by first love in ‘You and Me and Me’ on February 9th at every movie theatre.

In a few days, the release of the new movie ‘You and Me and Me’ from GDH, directed by the twin directors Wanwaew-Waewwan Hongvivat, will hit the screens. The film stars Tony-Anthony Buisseret and Baipor – Thitiya Jirapornsin and is set in the Y2K era when rumours of the world ending were rampant. The story follows two young girls as they navigate their first love. Their relationship and feelings change when a man enters their lives and introduces them to the experience of love, which they cannot share together.

Left to right: Baipor is in a full look from Disaya, Tony is in a full look from Kenzo, Baipor is wearing a full look from Kloset, and shoes from Jimmy Choo

On the surface, the story is similar and has a familiar feel to the old movie ‘My Girl,’ with the setting taking place in the past and telling the story of youth at the time, lifestyles, and the relationships of each character. However, upon closer inspection, distinct differences can be seen.

‘My Girl’ is a tale set in the 80s, with a slightly older setting compared to ‘You and Me and Me.’ The characters in ‘My Girl’ are depicted using payphones, playing with rubber bands, flicking marbles, and skipping on jump ropes. On the other hand, ‘You and Me and Me’ takes place in the late 90s, at a time when society was moving towards a more modern era. With the characters being older, stories of love, fashion, and music are more prominent than in the ‘My Girl’ era.

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The movie ‘My Girl’ offers more than just characters. It showcases elements of the 80s, such as childhood games, speech patterns, vocabulary, family dynamics, friendships, and the protagonist’s preference for friends of the opposite sex. The story revolves around a young elementary school student who faces ridicule from his peers because of his parent’s name. He tries to prove himself to his friends and overcome this teasing about his crush on a girl. Although it may appear to be a story about first love, it offers a deeper examination of themes like friendship, acceptance, and relationships.

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Back to ‘You and Me and Me’, the story moves into the teenage years. This is when emotions begin to stir. The main focus is on the relationship between the twins and their opposite-sex friends as they navigate the newfound feelings of shyness and unusual heartbeats. The rhythm and taste in ‘You and Me and Me’ have an appeal of their own. The trailers and interview videos show the relationship between the twins and their opposite-sex friends as the primary focus. The lighting is beautifully arranged, reminiscent of the old days. The costume design is nostalgic. It is considered to be in line with GDH standards of quality and fan-favouritism, as seen in its previous award-winning ‘My Girl.’

All clothes from Disaya

Another thing that impresses us are the detailed elements in ‘You and Me and Me.’ Like the magazine referenced in the story, “U&Me” has been around since 1983. The addition of the English language and monthly publication format perfectly aligns with the names of the twin characters “Yu” and “Mee.” Is this coincidence or not? It seems unlikely.

Even though we can’t tell if the film “You and Me and Me” will be similar to ‘My Girl,’ we firmly believe that it won’t be a sequel, spin-off, or copy. The renowned producer Tony-Anthony Buisseret wouldn’t let this film be just an imitation of other movies. We are confident that the film has a unique charm that will make the audience smile, tear up, and fall in love for the first time. Mark your calendars; this film will be ready to prove itself on February 9th at every cinema.

How ‘You and Me and Me’ finds its own rhythm and flavour, beyond ‘My Girl’

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