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A long list of air fryer recipes that will make your life easier (and healthier)

Hungry but also feel the need to stay healthy and wholesome? Try using an air fryer.

Apart from dalgona coffee and focaccia art, another cooking trend that appeared during the lockdown — and is still pretty much a trend now — is cooking with an air fryer.

Very much like an oven but just smaller in size and stronger in heat power, the on-trend kitchen tool is used to air-fry your food without having to add additional oil or too much of the fat to make your meal crispy and tasty. With its petite size, the food also gets cooked faster, and requires not much attention from its user. It is perfect for the cook with little time or even an oven-less baker. Here, we’ve curated a list of trendy and toothsome recipes using the air fryer, so you can throw an epic feast at home in a healthier, easier way.

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Meat Recipes For Cooking In An Air Fryer

The sight of a grease-dripping tomahawk or a cheese-oozing cheeseburger is always eye candy for anyone at your dining table. Here’s how you can make it slightly healthier yet still deliciously juicy with an air fryer.

Advanced Air Fryer Recipes

Crank your air fryer game up a notch with these eight scrumptious recipes spanning BBQ pork ribs, deep-dish pizza, buffalo cauliflower, chocolate chip banana bread, apple and banana chips, popcorn, and more. Make your cooking sesh for the fam a breeze.

Southern Fried Chicken Using Air Fryer

What’s better than OG fried chicken? It’s Southern-style fried chicken soaked in buttermilk-hot sauce mixture and dipped in spice-seasoned flour before being air-fried until crispy and golden. Delicious.

Low Calories/High-Protein Air Fryer Recipes

If you love a good chocolate skillet cookie, then this video should be your move. The skillet cookie is simply a chocolate overload dessert that will hit all the right notes if you love the old-school chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Keto-friendly Air Fryer Recipes

The air fryer cooking method really fits to all types of diets – evidenced in this video of keto-friendly recipes using only an air fryer to prepare. The pancakes, especially, have a drool-inducing effect that even us non-keto foodies want to try.

Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Vegans, we also have some cool interesting recipes for you here. Lisa Kitahara will show you how she fixes up flavoursome tahini chocolate chunk cookies, candied sweet potatoes, caramelised bananas, and cauliflower wings – all plant-based and using the air fryer.

Air Fryer Cinnamon Roll

Who would have thought you can make cinnamon rolls in an air fryer? We absolutely did not see this coming. For oven-less cooks, you’re in for a treat here with this mouth-walloping recipe for the cinnamon-y, cream cheesy dessert. It’s divine.


Air Fryer Basque Burnt Cheesecake

There’s no denying, Basque burnt cheesecake has taken Bangkok by storm. But for those who wish to make it at home but have no oven to burn this burnt cheesecake, the air fryer will give your cheesecake the same caramelised effect just like an oven would. Bring on the sweet treats.

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