Drinks and delicacies — these two will always hit all the right notes. They are what we crave for breakfast, the essentials for lunch, and on our mind for dinner. Most important of all, they are the must-haves for a little afternoon pick-me-up or midday indulgence session. But if you’re a little tired of your usual coffee joints, we’ve curated a roundup of newly-opened cafes that deliver ultimate caffeinated satisfaction along with a side of sweet fulfilment. Here are four new Bangkok cafes you should check out this October.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao

Kurasu Bangkok

From an online coffee joint to a real-space cafe, Kurasu Bangkok is a minimalist coffeeshop highlighting the connection between the beans, baristas, and coffee buffs. The coffee used here is of a gold standard; grown and harvested in Japan and roasted to perfection, before getting brewed here into a cup with artisan equipment. Drinking coffee here is raised to the height of sophistication and style.

Kurasu Bangkok, A104 Bambini Villa 18, 1 Soi Athakravi, Bangkok; Open: Mon-Sun, 8 am- 6 pm.


Ekkamai’s cool-hip cafe, One Ounce for Onion, together with the city’s coffee oasis, Espressoman, have joined forces to create OOObkk: an industrial-rustic cafe that’s all about coffee and delicious fare. For coffee slurpers, tuck into the standard menu of caffeinated drinks, whilst those who aren’t serious coffee fans, the coffee-free menu is still sure to please. Get The Breakfast Set (THB 180), which consists of guacamole, crispy bacon, and a sunny-side-up egg, and definitely try the Cheddar Cheese Banana Bread (THB 150) topped with a generous dollop of peanut butter frosting and caramel almond. Yum.

OOObkk, 291 Inthra Phon Alley, Plubpla Wang Thonglang, Bangkok, +6698 812 4649; Open: Mon-Sun, 8 am-8 pm.


If you’re someone who is wondering why many foodies are so possessed by the goodness of Japanese-style bread, find out here at Kokopan. The new Silom Japanese bakery is all about high-carb, high-sugar treats. Their Kink Egg Toast topped with ice cream (THB 185) carries a satisfyingly custard-y sensation, whilst the Kokopan Set (THB 285) comes with croissants grilled live on a mini stove as a true show stopper.

Kokopan, 60, 22-23 Si Lom, Suriya Wong, Bangkok, +6695 654 4560; Open: Mon-Fri, 7:30 am-6 pm; Sat-Sun, 9 am-6 pm.

CPS Coffee

First a denim business, now a coffee shop, CPS is taking over Bangkok with fashion and food. Although it’s not super-duper new, this place is surely worth a mention this month. Specialising in caffeinated beverages, CPS Coffee offers a range of coffees, along with other matcha and chocolate options, as well as baked goods, and a crisp yet slightly chewy fresh croissant. What we are wild for is the Cookie Shot (THB 120 per piece) with flavours to choose from like chocolate, vanilla, and matcha. Want a combination of coffee and dessert all at the same time? Get the Iced Popcorn Latte (THB 180), which is a cream cold latte bejewelled playfully with a fistful of caramel popcorn. Conveniently, you can also find the CPS at 2 Fl CentralWorld and 1 Fl ICONSIAM.

CPS Coffee, M FL, Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 19, Bangkok, +6663 494 4036; Open: Mon-Fri, 7 am-10 pm; Sat-Sun, 8 am-10 pm.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.