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5 Bangkok foodies to follow on Instagram

With almost every restaurant, small joint or even street food vendor searchable on Instagram, chefs and aspiring cooks have been upping their game and giving their dishes a photo-ready finish that is ready to post. In a way, food has gained a whole new 21st-century sophistication through the famous app, with many world-famous and Bangkok foodie Instagrammers hunting the lengths and breadths of the city for the best eats about town. Scroll ahead to view a few of our favourites of the moment, but be warned: their food pictures are not just eye-popping, but also tummy-awakening at the same time.

Hero image credit: Suganth

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Just in case you haven’t followed this account already, Keeris Nith is a café-and-bar hopper whose artsy natural food shots are all the rage on Instagram at the moment. Not only does his page reveal the kind of lifestyle that sets our eyes on fire, but it also amplifies the comfort lived within the warm crust of calzone or the solace sandwiched between two layers of bread.

Dish pictured: M.T. Rollin Club’s Classic buttery scones served with marmalade and whipped cream (THB 170) play up the perfect salty, sweet, and suety pairing. Got a craving for western food? This European-style clubhouse will never fail to fix that.

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It’s hard not to get lost in Xxmashiismexx’s feeds with all her vivid shots of food. The self-proclaimed juice and matcha addic/Keo diet practitioner is sprinkling her page with matcha-spiked drinks and healthy meals found and eaten in countless cafes and eateries around Bangkok. Take a look at her marvelous bowls of salads. Who would have thought pretty and wholesome can go together this beautifully?

Dish pictured: Pan-seared chorizo with crispy parmesan and mozzarella waffle and a sunny-side-up egg (THB 195). Drizzled with honey plus a light sprinkling of parm ribbons, this dish by the Cylub will give you the right amount of pleasure but not so much of guilt and calories as you would imagine.

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Like many caffeine buffs, Skiippiiezz is always on the lookout for hot café au laits or iced-down coffee. Those hankering to plan a weekend around coffee who don’t know exactly where to start, by all means, tap follow. And since coffee is always within reach here in every corner, you know you need a bit of a know-how to get a real legit home-brewed java in Bangkok.

Dish pictured: caffeine with sweet and fizzy bubbles, anyone? Opt for the Espresso tonic (THB 150) if you love such bold and bizarre combination. With the awards like the National Thailand Barista Champion 2017 and many more, the prizes are backing up the quality of each cup you’ll down here at the Coffee Factory Bangkok.

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Ping Sarat is a self-described photographer and foodie; his Instagram page is scattered with mouth-watering pictures of food which vocalise for him his greatest obsession. With nature posts alternated with loads of food images, his Instagram will transport you elsewhere and — most importantly – inspire you to head out and hit Bangkok’s most popping cafes and restaurants immediately.

Dish pictured: Hot latte and frothy piccolo (THB 100) from Pompano Roasted Café by HOF. Here’s one of Bangkok’s coffee hotspots that serves and stores some of the very best sought-after coffee beans from Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Doi Chang, Thailand.

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@ imokvatchara

There’s no denying, Instagram is the domain of food lovers and lifestyle photographers these days and Imokvatchara is by far one of the many. What makes him stand out though is the dreamy natural lighting which is featured in every one of his shots. Vivid and surreal, his feed enables us to tap a heart while witnessing every delightful fork and spoonful just as if we were out dining with him.

Dish pictured: Sunny Toastie (THB 160), a tartine — very much like an open-faced sandwich — topped with ribbons of prosciutto, egg, and grated parmesan by Eden’s, a lovely Parisian-style café located deep in the old town Rattanakosin.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.
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