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5 Bangkok foodies to follow on Instagram this December

With almost every restaurant, small joint or even street food vendor searchable on Instagram, chefs and aspiring cooks have been upping their game and giving their dishes a photo-ready finish that is ready to post. In a way, food has gained a whole new 21st-century sophistication through the famous app, with many world-famous and Bangkok foodie Instagrammers hunting the lengths and breadths of the city for the best eats about town. Scroll ahead to view a few of our favourites of the moment, but be warned: their food pictures are not just eye-popping, but also tummy-awakening at the same time.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Carles Rabada


Eat_yolo_ is basically a food guide in a form of social media. Going through her food-filled feed will make you feel as though you’re taking a food tour around Bangkok. From the price of the dishes to the address, ambience description and point rate, this Instagram account is a mini Bangkok restaurant review in a short and interesting read.

Dish pictured: ladies, if you want to dine and shop for vintage attires all at the same time, It’s Happen to be a Closet in Sukhumvit 23 is the place to be. The restaurant slash clothing shop serves sumptuous western fare like Roast Turkey (THB 8,950) in a cool Bohemian-style setting.


As much of a health devotee Ppfitlife is, this lovely lady seems to never deny a little indulgence. Sprinkled with workout posts and healthy slash fatty food pictures, her page will inspire you to work out, eat well as well as being able to treat – or spoil — yourself with yummy food.

Dish pictured: Here’s an absolute dream bakery for sourdough enthusiasts. Known for its hole-y sourdough baguette and buttery, golden-brown croissant, Holey Artisan Bakery is a true bread connoisseur hot spot where you can enjoy just plain bread or delicious paninis.


Bebennbenn is a café hopper, restaurant goer, and a food photographer that never seems to cease waxing poetic about food through her feed. Showcasing some of Bangkok’s epic eats, her page will make you salivate over the mouth-watering dishes she has indulged in.

Dish pictured: Those hankering for the ideal butter-packed croissant, saunter over to the newly-opened, France-originated Gontran Cherrier Thailand for the delicate French pastry and even savoury bites.


True to its name, Gastronaughty is definitely more naughty than nice when it comes to making people hungry. Based here in Bangkok, the Instagram foodie always cruises the streets looking for Bangkok gourmet eats to share with his food-obsessed followers. Whether you are craving Italian, Chinese and authentic Thai fare or coffee and cocktails, Gastronaughty’s feed can be your guide to Bangkok’s unique eats without even having to search on Google.
Dish pictured: Located in Ta Tien, Ha Tien Café’ Bangkok is an oriental-style café serving a bunch of sweet delicacies like assorted cheesecakes and a selection of coffee-based and mixed soda drinks. The café is also decorated throughout with plants and antique furniture. So if you are secretly an antique hoarder, this café will sure be your heaven.


Cramming his Instagram with caffeinated drinks from the city’s yummy cafés, Thitipluzz is an urban graphic designer who can’t seem to live without a cup of cold brew or milk-blasted cappuccino. So if you’re looking for a new café to unwind, follow Thitipluzz to see where he gets his quality pour-overs.

Dish pictured: planning your day around coffee? Include F.I.X Coffee in Saladaeng Soi 1 in your itinerary since they’ve got a dainty selection of coffee drinks and tasty café bites.

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