Let’s talk business — over lunch. We’ll assume that you’re trying to make a good impression to get a deal sealed, signed and delivered. And we’ll assume you’re the one pitching, and you’ve made the invitation — hence you need a little help from us to choose the right restaurant. Whether it is your first or second meeting with the other person, that fact that you got someone agreed to lunch, you’ve made it through the first filter. You might be out by the time the lemon tart is served, but at least for the first hour or so, you’re in.

The choice of restaurant is important. The place should be clearly convenient for your counterpart, offering reliably good food, served professionally and promptly, and a reasonably quiet environment so you can do the talk. Quick tip when you make a reservation — it helps if you’ve been to the restaurant before, so you know the seating layout and how you’ll be treated. You want a four-top, so that you sit around the corner next to each other. You don’t want to sit directly opposite to the other person — all that eye contact is a little awkward, and you might have to talk loud enough for your potential new business partner to hear you — not ideal when you’re trying to sign a deal.

We’ll leave the business talk with you, but what we can do, as your go-to guide in Bangkok, is to at least suggest you the best venues to help you sort out the lunch bit to impress your invitee with an excellent choice of restaurant and lunch menu. Whether you’re looking to savour Japanese, Thai, Indian or Italian cuisine, here’re our top choices to bring your business to the dining table: