Pet-friendly cafes and restaurants used to be a foreign concept in big cities, but with more outlets offering green grass yards and playful snooping grounds for your four-legged buddies, Bangkok is finally opening up to the idea. Waste no more time searching like the Scooby-Doo bunch, as we’ve curated a list of five pet-friendly venues known for their sumptuous menus, and loved for the spacious areas they provide for our pooches. From tropical bars to garden restaurants, you’ll be surprised to find that there are many more options for bonding with your pets other than the regular parks.

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Situated on Pan Road in Silom, former 1950s shophouse Luka is serving comfort food spanning Mexican delights, gourmet salads, and a variety of baked goods, alongside a selection of in-house brewed coffees and teas. And yet, whilst the menu is certainly rave-worthy, Luka pays special attention to pampering the furry friends that all guests are allowed to bring with them. Featuring a cold concrete floor designed specifically to cool down your pets in Thailand’s merciless heat, it’s truly a wonderful spot for both you and your pets to unwind in laid-back surroundings.

Luka64/3 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangkok, +662 637 8558


Themed around soulful food inspired by the owners’ wandering journeys through Europe, Africa, and South America, modern bistro Freebird is inviting diners to gorge on sprawling dishes like their famed pan-seared salmon served with crushed potatoes basted in a rich, buttery hollandaise sauce. Nestled inside the leafy street of Sukhumvit Soi 47, the establishment boasts a small garden and alfresco seating. Under the chirping homes of local Bangkok birdies, pets are welcome to run around freely here, and if you haven’t got a pet of your own, the on-site rabbits will definitely put a smile on your face as they dart by to say hello.

Freebird, 28 Sukhumvit Soi 47, Bangkok, +66 2662 4936

Tropic City

Charoen Krung’s Tropic City is just about as tropical as it gets, with bright green and pink paintings of plants and birds exhibited throughout the space. Known for their cocktails, the highlights here are the ingredient-focused drinks, all made with local produce such as Thai herbs and seasonal fruits. Whilst the bar is certainly a hotspot for cocktail enthusiasts, few know that the venue is also extremely welcoming to accompanying pets. Amongst relaxed holiday vibes, it’s a great location to sample great drinks and hang out with friends.

Tropic City, 672/65 Charoen Krung 28, Bang Rak, +6683 838 2750
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Hungry Pack

After its opening a few months back, Hungry Pack is giving pet lovers one more spot to chill out within the bustling area of Thonglor. Allowing for people and pooches to wine and dine together, the restaurant provides American and Thai dishes in a casual environment. After your meal, head to the dog park conveniently attached to the back of the restaurant for a post-meal workout — they’ve got everything from a playground to a swimming pool for your pooches. A specialty dog hotel is also in the works for the second floor of the location, making the destination an incredible all-in-one spot for all pets and pet lovers.

Hungry Pack, 8/3 Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok, +662 047 9919

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Quince Eatery & Bar

Those hankering to have a perfect day out with the pup, go for Quince Eatery & Bar. The lush green garden location is open all day, shifting from brunch to lunch and dinner. Quince is all about organic, wholesome, Mediterranean-inspired fare, which the kitchen whips up from wild-caught seafood and farm-grown vegetables from Hua Hin and Laos. Tuck into the sumptuous roasted pasture-fed beef bone marrows served with parsley and caper salad and golden-toasted bread. With richly nutritious and carefully prepared dishes, your dog and you will always be in good company here.

Quince Eatery & Bar4 Sukhumvit Soi 45, Bangkok, +6699 130 4333

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