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5 vegetables some vegans don’t eat

Did you know that there are some vegetables certain vegans don’t eat?

While it might be just be adopting a vegan lifestyle for some, but it could mean more than that for others. For vegans who intend to spiritually cleanse their bodies, this could be another factor to consider. Aside from omitting meat and animal-based products, your vegan diet must not include certain pungent vegetables, especially during Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival. Why is that so? In addition to the five elements theory, we have information from the open database from Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre to unlock your curiosity.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Isabella Mendes/Pexels]

Image Credit: Isabella Mendes/Pexels


Besides its curative and medicinal properties, garlic is one of the pantry essentials of almost every kitchen. However, it’s a temporary goodbye to this universal and multi-cultural flavour enhancer. Besides destroying the fire element, garlic is said to also disrupt the functions of the heart.

Image Credit: Vivek Sharma/Unsplash

Plants in the onion family

Whether it’s the regular onion, spring onion, or shallot, you need to keep them away from your kitchen. Especially if you have a strong connection with water, these veggies will dilute the strength of the element. Moreover, your kidneys might not be working well, too.

Image of garlic chives for vegetables not to eat during the Vegetarian Festival article
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Garlic chives

Garlic graceful are herbs with pretty white flowers that are common for Asian stir-fry dishes. The combination of chive-like appearance and strong garlic flavours are what makes them a popular seasoning as well. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you take a break from cooking with garlic chives. They’re not good for your liver and can degrade your wood element.

Image of rakkyo for vegetables not to eat during the Vegetarian Festival article
Image Credit: obaneya.com


Don’t worry if you have no idea what rakkyo is, we’ll fill you in. Also known as Japanese shallots, they’re a staple vegetable in the cuisines of East Asia. The plant is cultivated for its edible bulbs and leaves, which may be eaten cooked or raw. But it’s one of the vegetables to better set aside, they’re capable of weakening your earth element and spleen.

Image Credit: Alex Plesovskich/Unsplash

Tobacco Leaves

Regardless of the consumption methods, tobacco leaves are a big no-no. They diminish the power of the metal element and undermine lung functions.

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