Let’s face it, tofu isn’t exactly the sexiest food.

So we don’t blame you for disliking it. That being said, however, the bland-looking bean curd can be made into something scrumptiously wonderful. With the right seasonings and cooking techniques, there are the little magic tricks to transforming tofu into an array of succulent dishes. And even if you’re not much of a tofu fanatic or plant-based eater, the soy-based foodstuff will nevertheless win you over – with the right recipes in hand of course. Whether you like it fried, baked, or stewed, here we’ve curated a list of tofu recipes that will turn you into tofu devotees in no time.

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BBQ Tofu Ribs

Don’t get us wrong, nothing can replace BBQ-basted ribs. But something can get equally good – and that’s BBQ tofu ribs. The twins of The Happy Pear are all about vegan recipes with drool-inducing twists and spins. Not only is this recipe meat-free, but it’s also oil-free and encourages weight loss. Now if that doesn’t sound good, we don’t know what does.

How To Make Tofu Taste Like Chicken

Can’t give up chicken? No fret. These recipes by Goodful will show you tips and tricks on how to transform a dull block of tofu into something of succulence to taste just like the OG chicken dishes your palate is used to.

Vegan Tofu Sausage Recipe

Vegans, up the heat with your meal game with this toothsome tofu sausage. It will liven up your pancake time or dinner time when you pair it with silky mashed potato or rice.

Crispy Sweet & Sour Tofu

Sweet and sour stir-fry is a true crowd-pleaser. To make it more crowd-pleasing, make the dish catering to everyone’s taste and diet with this crispy sweet & sour tofu. when it comes to naughty vegan food packed with umami-packed flavours, you can trust the hot for food channel for that.

Vegan Mapo Tofu

If talking about a dish that totally makes tofu looks otherworldly vibrant and scrumptious, it’s mapo tofu. The spicy Sichuan tofu stir-fry boasts a mouth-walloping juiciness and addicting flavour factors, that even tofu haters will chomp down. And although the original version contains minced pork, it is still the tofu that really is in the limelight of the show for this dish.

Tofu Cheesecake

Just when you think New York cheesecake couldn’t get any better, this tofu-focused cheesecake will change your mind. The addition of the tofu really aerates the whole cream cheese batter, making the filling lighter and two times more luscious. The soy taste and scent from the tofu will also get eliminated by other ingredients here so don’t you worry about being overwhelmed by its strong odour.

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