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7 healthy (and wildly indulgent) snack deliveries we can’t stop craving

Prepare for your snack game to fiercely level up after reading this.

As we’re going out less and staying in more, most of us have gone down either one of two routes: we’re ordering in a lot of takeout (and bless us — it keeps the F&B industry going), or we’ve been cooking a lot more.

Whichever signpost you may follow, there is one thing the majority of us have in common: we’re not being very healthy throughout this whole self-quarantine thing. It’s almost ironic, given that we’re staying home to aid our health and the population’s well-being in some way, yet it’s also highly understandable, because sugars and saturated fats are indeed very delicious.

Nevertheless, dear readers, there is another path you can take.

Rounding up our favourite healthy snack deliveries about town, we suggest grabbing for these next time that sugar craving hits. Made mostly with natural ingredients (and in almost all cases: vegan and gluten-free), here are the treats that keep us coming back for more — with no guilty feeling afterward.

[Hero image credit: Shebakes; Featured image credit: Skinnylicious]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 21 April 2020.

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Not going on dates lately because you can’t go out lately? No problem. Bring these premium healthy dates home for a sweet treat of a better — if not the best — kind. We’re obsessed with Rial Dates, which is why they top the very top of our list for healthy snacking. Vegan, and lactose-, gluten-, and dairy-free, the chocolate-covered dates offer plenty in healthy benefits and little in guilt while snacking. An insider’s tip? Definitely get the truffles, too. If you want to know what keeps us fuelled through #WFH and Netflix binge sessions, welcome to our indulgent secret.

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There’s a weird association with healthy snacking in that people assume it can’t be fun or delicious. Breaking both those stereotypes, Beyondpops delivers plant-based popsicles that look just as good as their unhealthy counterparts, yet deliver in taste and nutritional value, too. Go for the Sunflower Power (a sunflower seed and coconut pop), or the Cashew Dream (made with coconut and cashew churned in Canadian maple and wrapped in organic cacao). It’s hot outside. And popsicles are still the best cure.

This lady is a bit of a legend in the Bangkok baking circuit. Julia Panchkowry, better known as The Banana Warrior, has long pleased our palates with her healthy, vegan, and plant-based desserts. If you’re a cake lover, she should be on your must-call list, not only because all her desserts boast cheeky names, but also because they are as creative as they sound. Whether it’s ‘There’s a Monkey in the Mango Tree’ or ‘The Green Goddess,’ there’s everything from carrot and caramel cake to raw desserts like a chai cheesecake and a Snickers-inspired bar. There’s also a ‘Comfort Box’ for when you just can’t decide and want it all. Relatable.

We love a good pun around here, and Alternative goes beyond just a great pun to present really great almond milk frozen desserts. A must-know and must-order for lactose-intolerant and dairy-free folks, the range of flavours is quite impressive, whether you prefer the classic Vanilla Chai Latte scoop or the Matcha & Red Bean scoop. We’ll always be impartial to the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, or maybe even a White Malt & Biscuit before bed. Ice cream, but make it somewhat healthy. Maybe you can have it all.

Nothing says ‘healthy snack alert’ like granola. We’re loving Mama Dollz Granola for our evenings (and our mornings) with a bowl of Greek yogurt in both their vegan (made with coconut nectar) and original (made with honey) varietals. Dense in nuts, seeds, and berries, there’s no sugar in these babies, making them an ideal topper to an endless array of dishes — with a brownie, on your sticky rice, in your cereal, the list goes on. You know when is a fun time to get creative with your granola? Now.

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Bringing together bakery goods and superfoods, She bakes makes organic and natural desserts, with a mission to support local smallholder farms. You’ll find everything from superseeds and nuts to chia, flax, and buckwheat hidden in these goodies, which feels a lot like when parents hide vegetables in their children’s meals — except, of course, you’re an adult and this is pure genius #adulting. A must-try also for matcha lovers, as the green delight features quite prominently in her bakes.

Skinnylicious is one of the OG healthy snack services in the city, selling even at some of Bangkok’s most beloved department stores. They cater to those who love a diet fad (there’s plenty for keto dieters), yet chocolate is still the big name of the game here. Their latest shining star is the flourless brownie crunch, which pairs well with the sugar free almond milk chocolate swirl drink. You know, for all those times you’re, like, really looking to healthy-ish indulge.

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa loves to travel, and is always on the lookout for the world’s best nap spots. She’s a serious Asian art history nerd, and has a knack for languages and coffee table books. She hopes to publish her own novels one day, one of which will likely be called ‘All The Great Conversations I Had In A Bangkok Speakeasy.’ It’s a work in progress.

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