Self-isolating and hungry? No fret, we’ve got you covered.

With all restaurants being temporarily closed due to the fiery pandemic situation, foodies – like us – find it hard to be starved on our restaurant-hopping activities. But knowing Bangkok as a food-centric city, a crew of chefs is still standing out on their grounds, insisting on feeding the city with their scrumptious fare. So whether you’re craving for a taco, pizza, plant-based pasta, or meat-packed Thai dishes, these food delivery services will cater to all your appetite for any cuisine.

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100 Mahaseth

A carnivore at heart? 100 Mahaseth, an Isaan-inspired restaurant with a focused nose-to-tail, root-to-fruit concept, will spice up your self-isolating time with their pungent signature dishes – think elevated Som Tam Kai Yang, Grilled Pig’s Tail, Grilled Jasmine Wagyu, and so much more.

Time of Delivery: 11 am-10:30 pm.

Order via: Line (@100mahaseth) or call +662 235 0023

+662 235 0023
La Lupita

Currently binge-watching Gentefied and got hit by a taco craving? By all means, dial the phone to La Lupita and choose your meal from tacos to burritos and appetizers like Yuca Frita (THB 90) and Guacamole & Chips (THB 260). A word of advice? Get yourself the grease-dripping Beef & Chorizo Taco (THB 100). It’s deliciously fatty and flavourful.

Time of Delivery: 5 pm-10:30 pm.

Order via: Facebook Messanger or call +6696 724 2036


+6665 441 9255
Eat Me

The menu at Eat Me is where classic and modern are mingled into a harmonious roar of global cuisine. Those who are big fans of their East-meets-West fare touched with a flair of finesse, keep your quarantine sesh vivid and sophisticated by ordering in. An a la carte menu is available but we highly suggest you go for the Quarantine Package (THB 2,500) which comes with Heirloom Tomato Salad, Wagyu Short Rib, Lobster + Bucatini Pasta and Sticky Date Pudding. For a bigger crowd, go for a Family Package (THB 5,900++) featuring six dishes including Australian Wagyu Tomahawk, two desserts and, drums roll please, a bottle of red wine. It’s big and fits for family dinner, but just be sure to the social distance while you feast.

Time of Delivery: 3 pm-10 pm.

Order via: Line (eatmereservations) or call +662 238 0931

+662 238 0931

The Charoen Krung izakaya, JUA, is temporarily fixating on serving up a scrumptious selection of donburi (rice bowl), spanning Pork Belly Don (THB 280), Creamy Sriracha Poke Don (THB 300), Salmon Sashimi Don (THB 300), Vegan Don (THB 280) and more. The venue also offers bento boxes where diners can customise their own according to what’s available on the menu.

Time of Delivery: 11 am-11 pm.

Order via: Line (@jua.bkk) or call +662 103 6598

+662 103 6598

The new riverside restaurant focusing on homestyle Thai fare, Rongros, also embraces the hospitality crisis by delivering a boatload of succulent Thai dishes for those who seek for stress remedy in a good meal. Our word of advice? Go for their Crispy Fried Chicken Pad Thai (THB 260) and the mouth-watering set of Som Tam, Gai Yang and Sticky Rice (THB 250).

Time of Delivery: everyday, 11 am-7 pm.

Order via:

+662 106 2198
Kim Jeong Grill

Calling out all Korean BBQ devotees: Kim Jeong Grill, the new Korean steakhouse within Sukhumvit 61, is now delivering deliciousness right to your front door. They’ve got a range of sets for you to choose: Colonel’s Pork Set (THB 999), Captain’s Beef Set (THB 599), Supreme Beef Set (THB 1,999), and more, which comes with all types of cuts of your favourite proteins. For a grill-less cook, you can have your food cooked and receive it at the ready-to-eat state.

Time of Delivery: 11 am-10 pm.

Order via: Facebook Messanger or call +6661 971 5265

+6661 971 5265
Soho Pizza

You can’t travel right now but Soho Pizza can give you a slice of New York. The NYC-style pizza haunt churns out fresh pies studded and showered with quality tomato sauce and toppings. We love the Pepperoni (THB 150/ slice), Sausage & Peppers (THB 120/slice) and The Green Machine (THB 120/slice) slathered with house-made pesto cream, wilted kale, and morning glory.

Time of Delivery: 11:30 am-4 am

Order via: foodpanda, GET and Lineman or call +662 821 5811

+662 821 5811

For a meat-packed, innovative dishes, opt for Bunker. The venue offers a repertoire of drool-inducing items for delivery: Korean Fried Chicken Bao (THB 220), Jerk Chicken (THB 500) with crispy jambalaya rice, Grilled Pork Chop (THB 450) and more.

Time of Delivery: Tue-Sun, 11:30 am-9 pm

Order via: Line (bunker.bkk)

+6692 563 9991
Vistro Bangkok

For plant-based eaters, there’s no need to just munch on kale chips or a sack of beans, as Vistro Bangkok doles out a range of vegan meals for delivery. Whether it’s their Truffle Flatbread Pizza (THB 320) you yearn for or it’s Ultimate Portobello Burger (THB 320) you can’t get off of your mind, Vistro has it all on the delivery cart.

Time of Delivery: 9 am-8:30 pm.

Order via: foodpanda or call +6665 998 2201

+6665 998 2201

An egg aficionado? Come right this way. Crackhouse has got delicious treats crafted from the highlighted ingredient: eggs. Every item on the menu is made with — you guessed it — egg. It’s served along with soul-stirring, palate-pleasing ingredients like bacon, cheddar cheese, maple sausage, pancakes, and more. A must-try is the CrackGriddle (THB 220), where Sloane’s maple sausage, omelette, and cheddar cheese are sandwiched between two slabs of maple butter-smeared pancakes. It’s almost like the breakfast sandwich you had growing up; but elevated and ten times better.

Time of Delivery: 8 am-8 pm

Order via: Line (crackhouse.bkk)

+6694 490 4188
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