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8 of Bangkok’s best burger joints you need to check out right now

Let’s admit it, the word hamburger creates a joyous buzz whenever we hear it. The reason being is that deep within us, the meat-craving monster dwells. And there’s something about the sides – fries, crisp lettuce and even those pickles – sandwiched between the meat and buttered brioche that simply has us coming back for more. So when hunger leads you to search for that perfect burger, refer to this curated list of Bangkok’s best burger joints, each of which will be sure to satisfy your carnivorous diet. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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daniel Thaiger

Daniel Thaiger 

Still dining out at Mickey D’s and drowning your double-layer Big Mac with ketchup? We think you can do better. If you ever spot this red-painted truck that has the smell of grilled meat and cheese waltzing around it, you know it’s Daniel Thaiger. This food truck, in the mind of both Thais and globetrotters, is the burger joint. Pioneering the authentic burger trend, Daniel Thaiger stands in contrast with other places with its classic-but-serious take on the American burger. Diners can expect quality, cooked-to-perfection patties and melted cheddar cheese sandwiched perfectly between the fluffy brioche buns. Try Mr Steve beef burger (THB 320) with caramelised grilled onions, crispy bacon with a slap of Thaiger sauce. Go for the Cowboy burger (THB 320) spiced up with jalapenos, smoke BBQ sauce and more bacon if you love anything extra. Every once in while they do have guacamole and the chili cheeseburgers featured on the menu, too. Check out where they’ll be through the Facebook page. Conveniently, you can now easily find them on the second floor of The Commons daily, too.

Daniel Thaiger, 2F, The Commons, Thonglor 17, Bangkok, +6684 776 7666 

25 degrees

25 degrees has been heating up their burger game to 100 degrees lately. With new menus coming almost every week, the Pullman’s burger joint keeps luring people in to get a taste of their new and old meat-on-bun creations served with sumptuous sides like curly fries and puffed slash crisp onion rings. Like the crowded street of Silom where it’s situated, 25 degrees is filled with burger buffs 24/7 — yes, they never close. The menu boasts a variety of burgers, for example, the Classic American burger (THB 180) and the Black magic (THB 350), which is a stack of beef patty, Canadian bacon, fried egg and roasted tomato sandwiched between the black brioche bun. Don’t miss out on the Glorious Chick (THB 350), a buttermilk-marinated fried chicken burger with the bright and briny coleslaw and bacon. Pair your burger with spiked shakes or beer on tap just to complete the experience.

25 Degrees, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 188 Silom Road, Bangkok, +662 352 4192

Arno’s Burgers and Beers

Dry-aged meat and burgers, why choose one when Arno’s Burgers and Beers combines the best of both worlds? Known for its steakhouses with the use of Thai dry-aged steaks, this new burger joint is another one of chef Arnaud Carre’s food enclaves, except this one serves its meat with buns, lettuce and a side of fries. Tuck into the comfort of their signature burgers like the Carnivore (THB 330), dry-aged beef patty cloaked with cheese and bacon strips, or opt for the Double traditional burger (THB 390) with not one but two fatty patties with a side of curly fries and chef Arnaud’s secret sauce. But if you haven’t experienced the delicacy of Philly’s delight, by all means, try their Philadelphia steak burger (THB 220) where the hero bun gets stuffed to the brim with ribbons of aged steak, confit onion, red bell peppers — not so traditional — and melted cheese covering almost every nook of the burger.

Arno’s Burgers and Beers, Narathiwas Soi 15, Bangkok, +662 087 5087

Mother Trucker Burger

Mother Trucker Burger is particularly radiant these days — not because of its fun name, but because of its luscious, oversized burgers. When a burger craving pops up and Mickey D’s is just not enough to satisfy you, look for the black-basted truck with the Mother Trucker sign on it. They’ve got everything from Beef (THB 140), Pork (THB 120), and V.E.G Burger (THB 60) to comfort you. Go double, triple or quadruple in size if you know a single patty won’t do. A group of friends can also get the Quad Pork!!!! Burger (THB 290), equipped with four patties, four slices of cheese and bacon, four onion rings, and a heap of rocket salad all stuffed between the sesame-sprinkled buns. Hungry? Stay tuned to their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be each day of the week.

Mother Trucker, Bangkok, +6682 596 5222


Paper Butter

Paper Butter is a creature of comfort. This burger-focused haunt within The Yard Hostel in Phahonyothin 5  is a know-it-all when it comes to comfort fare city dwellers are craving for. The create-it-yourself burger menu here means diners get total freedom creating a burger that is as cool and demanding as their cravings. Bun choices span sourdough, charcoal bread, challah, whole wheat or brioche bun and even a naked option — specially for those who are on the no-carb diet. You can also pick between beef or pork patty, depending on your tastebuds. Stay fueled too through their assorted versions of sides like Curly Fries (THB 80), Hash Brown (THB 60), Waffle Fries (THB 80), and Takoyaki Fries (THB 100). Veggie-lovers can also wind down here with the venue’s vegetarian burger so you don’t have to turn down the opportunity to hang with all your carnivorous friends.

Paper Butter, 51 Phahonyothin 5, Samsen, Bangkok, +6681 649 1227 

The Fat Cow

Burgers don’t have to be boring or repetitive. The secret to a fancy meat-on-bun dish is found in the perfect patty and whatever toppings that are piled on top. Seemingly very aware of this fact,  the Lat Phrao burger joint – The Fat Cow – gives a fancy-yet-quality upgrade to a burger that will be appealing to the burger modernists and classicists alike. Their versions involve 100 per cent Australian minced beef and come topped with various toppings of your choice. Tuck into the American (THB 220-THB 240) if you love the classic cheeseburger. But dive into The Italian (THB 300), The French (THB 300), or The Mexican (THB 290) if you’re craving something a little more advanced to blanket your burger, such as brie cheese, chilli beans ragu, or parmesan cheese. Want something big and bold? The Fat Pig Burger (THB 240) will not disappoint, complete with its pork and bacon patty, pickles, and even more bacon. Undoubtedly, this really is the Fat Cow’s version of a Big Mac.

The Fat Cow, 765 Lat Phrao (corner soi 15 and Lat Phrao), Bangkok, +6692 556 2876

The New York Style Steak & Burger

If you really think about it, New York never fails when it comes to American delicacies like cheesecake, pizza, and of course, burgers. Located in Sukhumvit 22, the The New York Style Steak & Burger makes pretty mean burgers, using Angus beef certified by the USDA for its exceptional quality in flavour and extra juiciness. Specialising in steak and burgers as its name suggests, diners are presented with over 12 reimagined versions of the exquisite burger. The menu highlights include The Bacon Cheese (THB 420), The Brooklyn BBQ (THB 450), and The Californian (THB 450), which features grilled shrimp with a thick and creamy avocado sauce. If you — like us — love anything extra, go for The Manhattan Monster (THB 500) in which the beef patty is glazed with strong cheddar cheese and topped with a sunny-side-up egg, umami-packed chili, onion rings, crispy bacon, and house-made pickles.

New York Style Steak & Burger, Sukhumvit 22, Park 22, Bangkok, +662 262 0920


Fatty’s Bar and Diner

The word “diner” often brings about a sort of comforting and warm feeling, and so does diner food. Situated in the Asoke-Dindaeng area, Fatty’s Bar & Dinner is a casual restaurant slash bar with a homey vibe like that of all those American diner slash all-day-breakfast spots. The selection of burgers at Fatty’s Bar & Diner will hit you with their hippie, old-school versus new-school versions of American hamburgers. Quality beef is packed into thick-sized patties, seasoned to perfection with salt, pepper, before getting sandwiched between buttery buns and blanketed with melted cheese, ketchup and some nuanced mustard. Opt for the Cheese Burger (THB 230) if you love American classics. Or go for the Cream Cheese Burger (THB 260), Chili Cheese Burger (THB 270), or the Buffalo J Burger (THB 280), with the juicy patty, smoked bacon, blue cheese, and buffalo wing sauce all crammed between the soft, beautiful buns. Not a big fan of burgers? The venue also offers other American-inspired diner food like Buffalo Hot Wings (THB 130), Crazy Delicious Grilled Cheese (THB 160), Reuben (THB 250), and Chicken Parmesan (THB 210).

Fatty’s Bar & Diner, 598/66 asoke-dindaeng road, Bangkok, +662 245 2965

8 of Bangkok’s best burger joints you need to check out right now

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