A Japanese term for sea urchin gonads, uni has gained immense popularity due to its creamy, custardy and caviar-like taste and texture over the past few years. Being a new favourite among foodies, if you’ve stumbled across any food Instagrammers, chances are you will have caught a glimpse of at least a shot or two of various uni concoctions.

Aside from adding richness, depth, and awe-inspiring beauty to any dish it lands on, uni also brings along to the plate a jam-pack of nutrients. The little gem is full of glutamic acid, vitamins B1 and B2, and also good protein, and is thereby fully blooming into Bangkok’s culinary scene, with many eateries listing it as a star and showstopper on the menu.

Haven’t yet gotten your taste of briny ocean treat? No worries — we’ve handpicked a few best of the best restaurants about town where you can enjoy all the glories of the sea-made delicacy in Bangkok.

Featured and hero image credit: Meruto Sushi