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Bangkok’s best grocery delivery services for quality ingredients

In times of a pandemic, where snacking on food on-the-go or a quick run to 7-Eleven is no longer a thing (or even a choice), people are kitchen-bound, and slowly going back to the home cooking ritual as it once was.

But with several raising the question whether it’s even safe to go to the supermarket during the Coronavirus outbreak, many are frightened to even step into a grocery store. Now we are not here to tell you ordering food and groceries is the safest option, but one thing for certain is that delivery service can help to ease the COVID-19 fear and anxiety. It promotes social distancing as well as lessening the trips you need to make to the store.

Moreover, ordering meals and produce to your home helps to support your local restaurants, stores, and even farmers and producers who provide food to these sources. Here, apart from the big chains like Tesco Lotus, Big-C, Villa, Tops, and Gourmet Market, we’ve curated a list of decent grocery stores with delivery services that will deliver premium quality ingredients (and even some ready meals) right to your doorstep.

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 18 April 2020.

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Get a bundle full of essentials to your home through Freshket. We’ve been obsessed with the site ever since making trips to the grocery store wasn’t really a pleasant option. Thanks to its range of premium fresh and dried ingredients (from rice to lettuce and jackfruit), Freshket has made our quarantine sesh immensely more joyous and wholesome. Beware: everything comes in big quantities so pace yourself while ordering.


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food delite

In the mood for Italian delicacies? food delite has just plenty of gourmet foodstuff to delight you. There’s an array of products to choose from and enough to throw a full-on Italian feast. There’s a wide selection of egg-enriched pasta like angel hair, linguine, fettuccine, and suchlike ,to go along with beautiful shavings of 30-month old Parmigiano Reggiano or black truffle-speckled cheese. And since you’re already on their page scrolling, throw the decadent pistocchi flourless, eggless, chocolate cake in the cart before you check out.

+6694 607 2360

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Paleo Robbie

Couch potatoes can save lives and by that we mean help supporting local farms to survive during times like these. Paleo Robbie offers up produce locally sourced from small local farmers, and includes veggies, 100% pasture-raised meat, and wild-caught fish. From-scratch meals are also available on purchase to make sure you get all the best fare packed with nutrients.


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Le Chedi Farm

If you’re an organic food fanatic, get yourself a quarantine gift or organic produce box straight from Le Chedi Farm from Nakhon Pathom, a prime supplier for Bangkok’s top-notch restaurants and hotels like Le Normandie and Saawaan. The box (THB 490) comes packed with a good meal’s essentials: organic brown rice, and pristine produce like baby white onion, Parisian carrots, baby beetroots, mesclun mixed baby leaf salad, and long white koshigaya (Japanese bunching onion) – all organic and harvested daily.

+6687 608 8976

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VIVIN Grocery

If your gourmet essentials include cheese, caviar and cold cuts, VIVIN Grocery has all that (and more) ready for delivery and takeaway. Treat yourself with the Apéro Box – Carnivore Large (THB 790), featuring a variety of charcuterie, chutney, and crispy bread. For the love of veggies, get the Certified Organic Vegetable Set (THB 650) sourced from Urawain’s Organic Farm, which comes laden with 10 to 15 organic seasonal greens and herbs. Breakfast items like granola and sourdough bread are also available for purchase and delivery here at VIVIN.

+6680 463 5747

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Happy Fresh

Food shoppers, you can now get your must-have grocery items delivered from your favourite supermarkets and shops in an hour (or less) through Happy Fresh. The grocery delivery app is in collaboration with an impressive range of brands, both of Bangkok’s leading and small-scale retailers – think Big C, Gourmet Market, Bei Otto (German Grocery Store), France Gourmet, food delite, and even Sign Online Shop and BONE AND RAW pet food.

+662 150 0595

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Global Food Products

Imagine having anything your palate or tummy could imagine through just a few clicks online. That’s the wish Global Food Products can answer. With an impressive variety of leading food brands from Australia, USA, Italy, and from throughout Europe, whether it’s the cheese, yoghurt, crackers, or canned food you crave for, Global Food Products have just about it all to offer. Need also a clean water supply? Opt for a couple of packs of S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna to take your dining-in ritual up a notch.

+662 683 1751 ext.4

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Radiance Wholefoods

Getting your skin and spirit to glow can be done through the food choice you make daily. Radiance Wholefoods provide a repertoire of wellness-forward and chemical-free products to boost your mental and physical health.

+662 074 7014
Bangkok’s best grocery delivery services for quality ingredients

Kankanit Wichiantanon

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