Follow these Bangkok foodies on Instagram and you’ll be hungry at every time of day.

From local street food to innovative and experimental cuisine, exploring different kinds of foods has become a big part of modern culture. This has given rise to many food-related cultural entities, such as food TV shows, magazines, books, and social media accounts. 

Whilst we can’t go out to eat just yet, these Bangkok foodies are keeping our cravings satisfying by posting their love for food on Instagram. Trying out many different restaurants and reviewing infamous dishes, here are some of the best Bangkok foodie Instagram accounts you should be following.

[Hero/Feature Image Credit: Kin-Kin via Facebook]

1. Migrationology

Restaurant owner and food lover extraordinaire, Mark Wiens is known for his love of spicy foods. While travelling all over the world we get to indulge in all the food photography that ends up on his Instagram page. Loved by not only Thais but also a worldwide audiuence, this full-time eater can handle his spice, makings sure his reviews are accurate to our tastebuds. Follow him on both his YouTube and his Instagram to see what he’s been eating.  

2. Kin-Kin

These Bangkok foodies use their beautiful food photography to captivate their audience. Follow them and you’ll always feel hungry at the sight of their gorgeously-captured delicacies. Not only does the duo behind Kin-Kin take photos, but they also like to tell the story behind the dishes featured to make sure people are able to connect with their food. You will never have to contemplate your next meal after giving them a follow.

3. Eatography

Making sure that food photography is easy and accessible to everyone, Eatography photographs their food with just the use of their iPhone Pro Max and Sony A7iii.  Although they do use simple tools, they make sure their posts become the envy of us all. Honouring both delivery dishes and dishes at their restaurants, they make sure that no matter how it’s on your plate, it still looks just as good.

4. Kin Tee Nhai

Have you ever had the problem of finding interesting restaurants as you travel? Well, Kin Tee Nhai will eliminate that problem. This foodie Instagram account aims to take you across Thailand through the world of food. They show you different places to eat alongside famous sites across the country (and pre-lockdown, across the globe). Showing off the signature dishes of each restaurant, they make sure that you’ll know what to eat no matter where you are. 

5. Kin Rai Dee Va

The ultimate question when you’re hungry is: what should I eat? Kin Rai Dee Va has the answer to your question. Packed full of great recommendations, your problem will be wanting to eat too many things, instead of wondering what you should eat. From eating shows to reviews, the food that is shown on this page will leave you hungrier than before. Not only will they show you where to get your food but also how to cook it, and tips and tricks to extract the best of flavours. Their feed will feed both your eyes and your stomach.

6. EatGuide

This popular foodie account on Instagram does not only review the food that they eat but also tells you about all the recent deals you can get. EatGuide has a feed that will make you hungry no matter what time of day it is. They even have food guides for places outside of Bangkok and dishes that you can easily make at home. It’s best suited for those who like fast food, street food, and price-friendly food delivery. Besides their food reviews, they also have challenges and cooking videos for a greater variety of content. 

7. Eat Drink BKK

This Bangkok foodie is ready to review the food that they eat. Up to support all types of businesses, they make sure to take in a wide variety of cuisines to make sure you have all your bases covered. With this lockdown, they have also taken up reviews for smaller businesses that are open for delivery. If you prefer foodie content in English, follow them because all their posts are written in English. They also have all the popular restaurants highlighted to make sure you know what you should get when you’re there.

8. Starving Time

Available in both Thai and English, this account boasts over a million followers, and its popularity lies in its video. Although their content does revolve around food, they have found a way to make it very fun by adding challenge videos and recipe ideas. They find a way to try new things.

9. Omakase in Bangkok

As you know, omakase is a big hit in Bangkok. Whereas other accounts review different types of cuisine this Instagram account is focused truly on reviews of the different omakase places in Bangkok. They’ll give you information about highlight dishes, ambience, and overall experience. They cover everything from omakase takeaway and delivery, over to new types of omakase and new openings.

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