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Hands down, the best durian products to order and eat now

For those who have an unabashed passion for the king of fruit, durian, you’re reading the right article.

This piece will be an ode to the durian and nothing but the durian. Its season is here and so restaurants and retailers are going full speed, taking advantage of the durian season by producing an array of mouth-watering products using the sun-shade buttery fruit. Even Instagram users also temporarily turned themselves into durian dealers, sending the golden fruit straight from farm to fork. So if you’re diners who are currently seeking for the best durian and durian-spiked products to purchase, here’s a selection of things you should add in to your next must-try list. For those who despise that infamous smell, some of the products are even free from stinks and leave nothing but the fruit’s marvellous taste and texture.

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Durian Signature

As for the celebs’ favourite, Durian Signature is the one. The online shop is known for their fresh, plump Monthong durian the size of a chubby child’s arm. So if you’re not one for processed durian products, then this should be your move.


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Phoenix Lava

For those who love a lava effect, Phoenix Lava churns out a selection of steamed buns filled with luscious custard filling spiked with many different flavours. The Durian Lava is, of course, the apple of our eye. It oozes out a velvety cream of durian custard, featuring the right amount of durian flavour without overpowering your palate.


3 /11

Chan's Recipe

For those who’ve tasted durian chips, you know it can get more or equally addictive as having Lays. And among many brands, Chan’s Recipe is by far our favourite, judging from the right size and thickness of each chip and the crispiness and strong durian-y flavour, which only comes from their use of excellent Monthong durian.


4 /11

After You

After You always harnesses the fruit of the season in the best possible way and this time around it’s durian. Bangkok’s famed dessert haunt doles out a kakigori topped with sticky rice and durian cooked in coconut milk. And if that isn’t durian-y enough, the shop also bejewelled the whole thing with fresh durians to maximise the taste and the smell to the fullest.


5 /11

Durian by AK9

Durian by AK9 is a farm-to-fork shop through and through. The small-scale online durian shop offers grade-A quality fresh durian as well as other drool-inducing products like house-made durian chips and preserved durian for a change of scene, just in case you’re tired of the having it fresh right out of the spiky skin. The two products also ooze out less of the fruit’s smell.


6 /11


For durian haters, this durian doughnut might convert you into a durian lover again. The doughnut shop, DROP BY DOUGH churns out a pre-order-only Durian Cheese Dough doughnut which takes on the heavenly flavour of the fruit, and enhances it with the fried dough and dairy which gives it the salty tang to cut through the richness.


7 /11

Oh My Durian

Oh My Durian serves up a wow-worthy baked durian dessert called “khanom durian” which even mimics the exact same shape of the golden fruit. What makes it even more special is the stuffing of free-range pickled egg yolk which yields a salty surprise to take the sweet treat up a notch.


8 /11


Not only can you enjoy fiery Southern fare from OHIO, the online eatery also makes a wide array of traditional Thai treats, including the mini durian-shaped mung bean dessert (Look Choup). They do more than just mimicking the shape of the fruit; more than 50% of the mixture is real durian pulp, to give it a full, meaty taste.


9 /11


Biscuit sticks are a stellar snack and a crowd favourite, but durian-flavoured biscuit stick? Now that takes the whole durian business to a whole ‘nother level. This toothsome snack by Pukko will make a delicious addition to your munching session.


10 /11

Durian Mai Ja

Apart from offering prime imported fruit like Japanese sweet potatoes, golden cherries, snow pears, and more, Durian Mai Ja – just as the name suggests – has a top-notch Monthong durian on offer. It’s really an online fruit cart packed with premium goodies to please hardcore fruit devotees, for real.


11 /11

Chin Thong

Freeze-dried durian comes with a punch of durianness even the fresh or the fried one can’t even compete with. And if we’ve made you drool just now, Chin Thong is the right place to order. It makes a perfect snack as well as dessert and even when the durian season passes, having a bag or two will ensure you have durian to eat year-round.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.