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Where to find the best mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Yes, a scrumptious hairy crab, fried river snails, and roasted duck are quintessential parts of the Mid-Autumn Festival. But a not-to-be-missed, must-have item for the very special day is also the mooncake. The celestial celebration for full moon and family just won’t be ultimately complete without the delicate full moon-shaped dessert.  

With competition amongst hotels outroaring one another in terms of luxurious packaging and creative recipes, we’ve tasted some of the most beautifully-presented and deliciously decadent mooncakes in Bangkok to save you time from decision-making. Nibble your way through our ten picks for the best ethereal mooncakes and decide for yourself which one suits your taste most. We are sure you’ll find something worth indulging in this divine season.

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

“You eat with your eyes first.” Yes, some foodies swear by this motto. So for those who share the same belief, the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok’s mooncakes will not disappoint. Packaged in an elegant fan-shaped box, buyers have options between “The Oriental Classic” (THB 808) box which is embellished with Chinese paintings in shades of red and white, and “The Luxury” box (THB 1,888) upholstered with beige leather along with a gold tassel. Inside sit eight mooncakes with different flavours spanning custard, lotus seeds with egg yolk and flaxseed, durian with egg yolk, and MO’s newest flavour: tangerine. For afternoon tea lovers, stop by The Authors’ Lounge for their exclusive Mid-Autumn Festival Afternoon Tea (THB 1,500++ per person) which includes an array of treats like MO’s iconic mooncakes, savoury pastries, and Asian-inspired desserts.
Available until 13 September 2019, order from Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok

Combining the elaborate treats with Thailand’s national aquatic symbol, the Siamese fighting fish, Shang Palace, the Chinese restaurant within the Shangri-La Hotel, offers their time-tested traditional mooncake selection packed in a fancifully designed box painted with two vibrant silver and gold Siamese fighting fish. Here the flavours range from cream custard and durian, over to mixed fruits and nuts, as well as lotus seed filling with single egg yolk. Prices range from THB 538++ to THB 1,588++.
Available until 16 September, order from Shang Palace within the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok

The Okura Prestige 

Bless the season and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with The Okura Prestige’s Japanese aesthetic mooncakes. Keeping it simple, the hotel offers elegantly made mooncakes (THB 228++ per piece) filled four classic flavours: durian single yolk, jujube single yolk, green tea, and luscious custard.
Available until 13 September, order from La Pâtisserie at The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

The Peninsula Bangkok 

Looking for something to sweeten up your family’s tea session? Look no further because The Peninsula Bangkok has got a treat that will cater to everyone’s sweet tooth. Keeping their mooncake tradition alive, The Peninsula offers their iconic, time-tested egg custard mooncakes (THB 998 per set). Buttery, cake-y, yet lusciously creamy, this egg-y custard-like version differs from others on this list with a filling made from pristine, organic eggs. 

Available until 13 September, order from The Peninsula Boutique.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Taking a plunge onto the healthier side, Pagoda Chinese Restaurant at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park offers five classic mooncake flavours along with this year’s signature Longevity Mooncakes. Crafted from typical mooncake ingredients like egg, golden syrup, and flour; but with the supplement of Chinese herbs that will boosts the immune system and anti-ageing, the Longevity Mooncakes (THB 388 per piece or THB 1,588 per box with 4 pieces) will make a perfect gift for someone you love. For those who prefer the classics, they also offer five other traditional flavours. Think, Chanthaburi durian with white lotus seeds with single yolk and pork bak-kwa with assorted nuts.

Available until 13 September, order from Pagoda Chinese Restaurant at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

The St. Regis Bangkok

For this very special season, opt for the intricately crafted mooncakes (THB 1,288 for four mooncakes) by The St.Regis Bangkok which feature four delectable flavours including creamy durian, sweet lotus seed, Chinese date, and a yellow bean paste with coconut pandan. The chic round box packaging is wrapped stylishly in a living coral-shade leatherette which signifies spirited energy and mood.
Available until 13 September 2019, order from The St. Regis Bangkok.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse

Not only does Yào Restaurant & Rooftop Bar perched on the 32 floor of Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse know how to make a mean dim sum and Chinese stir-fry, but the venue also crafts one of the city’s best mooncakes with a selection of cool and classic flavours. These range from durian and single egg yolk to lotus seed and single egg yolk, jujube and single egg yolk, and red bean with goji berry and honey. Packed in a gold and red tiffin box, Yào’s mooncakes (THB 1,058++) boast a family-style picnic bento feel that will please all eyes at the dining table.

Available until 13 September, order from Yào Restaurant & Rooftop Bar.

Anantara Siam Bangkok

Can’t decide whether you want a designer bag or mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival? Pro tip: get both. Anantara Siam Bangkok together with PELLEVAH created this Elegant Mooncake Lover Bag (THB 28,888) which serves as a symbol of love and care to whomever you send the bag to. Crafted from top-quality lamb leather, the bag boasts a stylish design and carries two mooncakes within its gold-studded leather. Those who don’t want to go an extra mile on this, Anantara also offers their standard mooncake boxes, containing four mooncakes in each: Siamese Fighting Fish Luxury Box (THB 1,688+) and Premium Red Velvet Box (THB 1,088+)

Available until 13 September 2019, order from Mocha & Muffins bakery within Anantara Siam Bangkok.

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