You can now enjoy the famous multi-course sushi experience from home.

You probably already know this, but omakase has been all the rage here for a while now. The expensive hand-to-mouth experience is enjoyed by the majority of Thai celebs who love to rave about their experience on social media. Though, with the pandemic, it is difficult to enjoy the true essence of the omakase. For a true omakase experience, you must leave it up to the chef – that’s exactly what the word omakase means. Entrusting the chef with the best ingredients is one component, the other is watching the chef himself prepare your meal.

But it’s difficult to have the same experience with most restaurants not being open at full capacity. There is also the fear of going out during the pandemic. But you’re looking to fulfill your desire for some sushi that’s specially hand-picked by a sushi master, we’ve got you covered on this International Sushi Day. Here are some omakase sets that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

[Hero Image Credit: Thomas Marban/Unsplash / Featured Image Credit: Momono Omakase 鮨桃野]

Yuzu Omakase

Yuzu Omakase offers an authentic Japanese Omakase experience. The ingredients come straight from Japan and are prepared by an expert team of chefs. The experience ranges from THB 3500 to THB 8500 per course. Available to order through LINE or over the phone, this is one omakase experience you would not want to pass up.

[Image Credit: Yuzu Omakase]

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Momono Omakase 鮨桃野

Although their delivery is only available on some days, this is another omakase experience you would not be able to forget.  With premium-quality ingredients and even better service, you would surely be impressed by what they have to offer. They offer two different experiences for their delivery services, with the Signature Course offering 18 courses at THB 3,800++ or their Ultimate Course at THB 5,800++ with 21 courses.

[Image Credit: Momono Omakase]

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Ukiyo is a contemporary omakase bar that combines both western and Asian tastes to create an east-meets-west experience. They source their ingredients from all over the world to ensure they can offer the most authentic and diverse fish selection. Their omakase experience ranges from THB 650 to THB 2,500, and every baht is worth every bite.

[Image Credit: Ukiyo]

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Sushi Juban TAKUMI

This omakase experience is brought to by the Juban Group, the team behind Sushi Juban and Soba Juban. During this time, they are offering a home omakase experience where the chef will visit your home to serve your meals straight out of your kitchen. This experience ranges from THB 2,400++ for 15 courses, to THB 3,400++ for 17 courses.

[Image Credit: Sushi Juban TAKUMI]

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OJI Omakase

OJI Omakase is one of the original omakase restaurants that was introduced into the Thai market. The more affordable 2-course experience starts at THB 899++. Though their omakase is priced lower than other restaurants, they use high-quality ingredients like those of their pricier counterparts. You can a 15-course (THB 1800++) or 18-course (THB 2700++) Home Omakase Course to experience the chef’s preparation at home. Or if you just want the sushi, opt for their Premium Box, which is available for delivery all over Bangkok.

[Image Credit: OJI Omakase]

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Sushi Ichizu

Sushi Ichizu’s award-winning omakase is considered one of the best in Thailand. From the spectacular group of chefs to the premium quality ingredients, there is no reason for you to skip on them. Although the in-person dining may cost up to THB 8,000++ per person, the delivery options range from THB 1,050++ to THB 4,990++ with additional ingredients also available to order.

[Image Credit: Sushi Ichizu]

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