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The 16 best sandwiches in Bangkok, hands down

Footlongs at Subway and Bagel Egg Sandwiches at au bon pain are life’s sandwich staples; they’re irresistible and irreplaceable.

But for all the times when your appetite makes a request for a more homemade-style sandwich from small-scale independent places rather than commercialised chains, Bangkok also happens to have a boatload of scrumptious sandwiches from that category to offer. And here — drum roll please — is our curated list of where to get the best sandwiches in the city. Sandwich groupies, you’re welcome.

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best sandwiches in Bangkok

1. Holey Artisan Bread

For overstuffed sandwiches, Holey Artisan Bread wins our hearts. And not only do their sandwiches look good on our feeds, but they are also deliciously filling and stop your stomach from roaring until lunchtime.

Sandwitches from Holey Artisan Bread

2. Rocket Coffeebar

Rocket Coffeebar is no second when it comes to coffee. But another thing they are champions in is the classic Club Sandwich with fork-tender chicken, crispy bacon, and Paris ham sandwiched between their house-made white bread.

Sandwitches from Rocket Coffeebar

3. Vietnamese and more

Apart from the French, the Vietnamese are also a gurus when it comes to making a drool-inducing sandwich. Bánh mì. It comes with umami-packed pâté, a splash of mayo, cilantro, your choice of meat, and a heapful of veggies like cucumber and carrot.

Sandwitches from Vietnamese and more

4. BKK Bagels

Skip hero rolls and opt for something more hearty and chewy. This Moishe’s Lunch composed of a sesame bagel stuffed with house-cured corned beef, mustard spread, and house-made pickle will do.

Sandwitches from BKK Bagels


The Roman trattoria within Sukhumvit 31 totally jazzes up the idea of a good sandwich with their juice-dripping porchetta sarnie. It’s fatty, carb-y, and crispy from the toasted bread.

Sandwitches from APPIA

6. Dean & Deluca

Gourmands with international palates for food, the grocer Dean & Deluca has everything from pasta to pizza and shawarma on offer. One thing you shouldn’t miss is their array of sandwiches. This ooey-gooey Smoked Chicken Melt Sandwich is a great example of what you’d get.

Sandwitches from Dean & Deluca

7. The Australian Pub & BBQ

The Classic Club at this Aussie pub stacked up with triple-decker grilled chicken, strips of smoky bacon, tomato, and lettuce is the star among their offerings.

Sandwitches from The Australian Pub & BBQ

8. Lucky 13 Sandwich On Nut

The meat-packed Brisket Cheese Steak Sandwich is loaded with a burst of umami. Diners can choose their own seasoning adventure by going the hot road with “Spicy Mexican” condiments or the “BBQ Philly” for smoky and sour flavours.

Sandwitches from Lucky 13 Sandwich On Nut

9. Bunker Sathorn

Emphasising on American cuisine touched with culinary flair from diverse cuisines, Bunker Sathorn is a master at mixing and matching different cooking heritages altogether. Our statement is evidenced in this Korean Fried Chicken Bao, a Korean slash Chinese-style sandwich that’s brimming with a hearty, satisfying flavour.

Sandwitches from Bunker Sathorn

10. Havana Social

The Cuban-style sandwich composing of ham, cheese, pungent mustard, pickle, and Cuban bread packs a punch of tasty savouriness that hits all the right spots. The best place to have it? Havana Social. ALL THE WAY.

Sandwitches from Havana Social

11. Café Tartine

Expect no fusion because Café Tartine is all about French fare, spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We love ­– make that worship – their cheese and meat-stuffed hot sandwiches like the Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame. These two make a perfect standalone meal anytime throughout the day.

Sandwitches from Café Tartine

12. Vistro Bangkok

Bao and paninis make a perfect Baonini combo at Vistro Bangkok. The vegan eatery serves their Italian-Chinese sandwich with a lip-smacking veggie stuffing. Delish.

Sandwitches from Vistro Bangkok

13. Bambino

Wagyu sandos have become an Instagram sensation in the past year but not every sando place serves a legit one. Cruising the streets for a truly scrumptious version of this Japanese-style sandwich? By all means, head to Bambino. It’s a newish Bangkok institution for wagyu sando, guaranteed.

Sandwitches from Bambino

14. Luka

Let’s face it: sometimes a decent steak just tastes better with egg yolk running down on it. And the two elements perhaps taste even better when sandwiched between a holey, chewy, white ciabatta, like here at Luka.

Sandwitches from Luka

15. Broccoli Revolution

Tired of tofu? Turn to tempeh for a change of scene (and flavour). This Vegan Tempeh Banh Mi at Broccoli Revolution should be your go-to.

Sandwitches from Broccoli Revolution

16. Old Town Cafe Bangkok

The Old Town coffee shop is known for their toothsome matching of baguette sandwiches with caffeinated drinks. The venue makes succulent grilled meat, which they smartly pair with a crusty baguette to maximise the textures as well as rounded tastes.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 21 February 2020.

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