Imagine modern Italian classics combined with the best and the flakiest American pastries. Welcome to Caffè Olives.

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Whilst there is a vast repertoire of cafes in Bangkok, only a few really do age-old Italian cuisine or comforting American sweets justice. One of these is Caffè Olives. The new cafe nestled within the residential street of Soi Napha Sap 2 offers a gold standard of taste. We love their pizza made from naturally leavened dough,which results in a hole-y, light, and chewy dough; perfect as a vehicle for appetite-reviving toppings like pepperoni, pesto, parma ham with scrambled eggs, or a plant-based mix of veggies.

The outlet also offers a wealth of American-style baked goods — think morning buns, cookies and cakes. With a part-transitional, part-woodland home interior design, the cafe exudes a warm and welcoming vibes that invite you to loosen up and unwind.

The cafe, as we experienced it, is an unpretentious eatery with approachable yet elaborately-prepared food and drink. Recently, we got a chance to check out Caffè Olives and tried some of the best dishes the venue has to offer. Here’s a list of must-tries you need to order.

Honey Bun (THB 75)

A Morning bun made from butter-loaded dough alone is heavenly. But the sweet fusion of honey and bee pollen in the dough here totally amps up the bun game. Warmed right before eating, it is almost like having a croissant that has been slathered generously in hot honey butter. Delicious.

Ricotta Toast with Seasonal Jam (THB 140)

Why break the bank travelling to LA just to gorge on the famed ricotta toast from the renowned eatery, Sqirl, when Caffè Olives also offers just the same — and maybe even better. A bed of ricotta cheese and seasonal jam atop the golden-brown toasted brioche oozes out a satisfying sweetness cut with the right amount of salty and fruity tangs.

Espresso Brownie Cookie (THB 65)

Can’t decide whether you should go for a brownie or a cookie? Have this sweet treat and the problem is solved. It boasts the best features of a cookie: chewy centre and crispy-edged, whilst retaining that dark, intense chocolate-y goo of a brownie. 

Lazy Breakfast Pizza (THB 150)

Forget about pepperoni, we are all about this scrambled egg pizza at Caffè Olives. The Lazy Breakfast Pizza boasts layers of comfort-filled elements: naturally-leavened dough, bright tomato sauce, scrambled egg, and ribbons of parma ham — which makes it a suitable dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

PALA Veg (THB 75)

For veggie eaters and fitness buffs, no sweat, there’s also a little something for you here. The green and plant-based mozzarella topping makes this pizza enjoyable for vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike.

Kale Anchovy Salad (THB 240)

Down to live that “kale yeah” life? Tuck into this bowl of salad, comprising of organic kale that has been massaged scrumptiously with dressing just enough to get it softened, sourdough croutons and anchovy, which help to maximise the salad with an exciting ocean-y taste.

Caffè Olives, Caffè Olives, 4 Soi Napha Sap 2, Bangkok, +6694 858 9868; Open: Wed-Mon, 9 am-5 pm.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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