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7 CBD restaurants and cafes in Bangkok to check out

CBD-infused food and drinks are widely available in Bangkok now. Here’s the list of the best cannabis restaurants and cafes in Bangkok that you can’t miss out on.

Finding CBD-infused food and drinks in Bangkok is now a piece of cake thanks to the ease of restrictions in Thailand. New cannabis restaurants and cafes are popping up in many corners of Bangkok. Simultaneously, numerous restaurants and cafes are incorporating CBD into their existing menus. If you’re looking for a place to try the trend and treat your senses, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best CBD restaurants and cafes that you have to check out.

[Hero Image Credit: Plants for Persephone/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Koko Japanese Restaurant]

420 Cannabis Cafe and Bar is the first-ever cannabis café and bar in Thailand that has trend-set the CBD infusion in food and drinks. The sci-fi themed 420 Cannabis Cafe and Bar serves as a great spot for those looking for some relaxation. Plus, there’s a great community where you’ll get to connect with other cannabis lovers as well.

[Image Credit: 420 Cannabis Bar]

Don’t be surprised, you can now find CBD in Bangkok in the form of a multi-course sushi experience. Infused into every piece that is served, Koko Japanese Restaurant is taking omakase to the next level.

[Image Credit: Mem Tem Took Trip]

Highland brings you a completely new high with their scrumptious desserts and Thai food. They even have crispy baked cannabis that you can bring home to snack on or use for cooking. Don’t forget to check out their stylish cannabis-patterned merch as well.

[Image Credit: Highland Café]

Make your way to La Maison by Chef Billy for a mouth-watering weekend dinner. In addition to all the western comfort food, you’ll get to savour the juicy steak seared in cannabis-infused butter, and pasta with a flavour-packed cannabis pesto. It’s utterly irresistible.

[Image Credit: La Maison by Chef Billy]

Kiew Kai Ka gives you the chance to explore authentic Thai dishes in a different dimension. Served with cannabis nibbles, the gorgeous food photos that you get here will certainly take your ‘gram game to the next level.

[Image Credit: kiew Kai Ka]

6 /7

You have to check out Is Am Are if you’re in search of a drink that doesn’t compromise on fun, party, and dancing. Their cannabis-themed mocktails are a total treat to your senses.

[Image Credit: Is Am Are]

Get your vegan on with the rich cannabis brownies from Carrots: The Vegan Bistro. The classic cherished treat, coupled with universal medicine, will have you falling in love with the CBD from your very first bite.

[Image Credit: Carrots: The Vegan Bistro]

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