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Celadon’s new tasting menu is a gold mine of Thailand’s regional flavours

Have you ever thought about taking an onsen egg yolk shot out of an egg shell?

That’s the level of creativity you can expect from The Sukhothai’s Celadon new tasting menu.

We had a chance to try Celadon’s tasting menu by Chef Rosarin Sriprathum and her exceptionally talented team, who prepared dishes inspired by Thai home-cooked cuisine from various regions in Thailand. As you start digging into each dish, you will find yourself swimming in a burst of flavours emerging from far up north to deep down south.

Chef Rosarin Sriprathum

Chef Rosarin, the renowned head chef at Celadon, handpicked each dish with her culinary team member’s contribution. This means that each chef in the team inspired a specific dish, bringing together a rainbow of flavour. All the dishes here are cooked with local ingredients using modern cooking techniques, and are plated with striking presentations. To all Thai food connoisseurs out there, the Sukhothai-inspired pavilion offers an authentic culinary journey that will make you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. Below is a little teaser taste.

Diners can get the ‘Full Experience’ (9 Dishes for THB 2,900++ per person) or head for ‘Part of the Trail’ (6 Dishes for THB 2,200++ per person) at Celadon, The Sukhothai Bangkok.

Celadon, The Sukhothai Bangkok,13/2  South Sathorn Road, +662 344 8888.


13/3 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
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