There’s no denying that in this day and age, celebrity chefs are a really big thing.

But what’s better than their cooking shows and cookbooks at the moment is their joint collab in writing an e-cookbook, featuring recipes from celebrity food personalities like Dan Barber, Bobby Flay, Samrin Nosrat and Alison Roman to launch a digital-only cookbook that will help support the millions of out-of-work restaurant workers.

Called “Family Meal,” the ebook features 40 family and pantry-friendly recipes such as shrimp and chorizo white bean stew, miso milk bar pie and, in keeping with the newest trend in quarantine bread baking, Ligurian focaccia.

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Image credit: Penguin Random House

The original recipes are contributions from their roster of published chefs and writers and provide insight into what the food personalities are cooking in their homes right now. One hundred per cent of the proceeds will go towards the Restaurant Workers’ Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund to help restaurant workers in America.

The Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation was founded in 2018 to help workers in the foodservice industry, 40 per cent of whom live at or just above the federal poverty line. And that was before the global health pandemic shut down the entire industry.

“This book is one humble attempt to do our part to support the restaurant industry. As chefs and publishers, but above all as enthusiastic eaters and customers, we hope this contribution makes a difference,” wrote Penguin Random House CEO Madeline McIntosh in an excerpt from the book. “Until the day when we can be there in person, we’re wishing you all the best.”

Family Meal” was released on May 5 for $5.99.

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