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Chef’s Cheat Day: Where does Haoma’s Chef Deepanker Khosla go for dinner?

It isn’t often that we interview a chef for Chef’s Cheat Day and have them recommend one of the most common and casual dessert chains we know and love in Bangkok. Unpretentious, genuine, and comfortingly indulgent: read on for where Chef Deepanker Khosla likes to go for a guilty pleasure meal on his day off.

As part of the Good Life Awards, we have recognised Deepanker Khosla as 2021’s Good Life Gourmet. Click here to view our other Good Life Awards honorees who embody Lifestyle Asia’s good life ethos.

Bangkok’s Haoma has always been on the tip of the tongue for discerning diners in the city. The progressive “urban farm” restaurant made waves when it first opened a few years ago, serving as the first zero-waste Neo-Indian restaurant that uses only sustainable and local produce. Many will recognise the location from the green garden that sits outside the dining area, and most will be familiar with the man you can oftentimes find snipping herbs with a small pair of scissors here. Meet Deepanker Khosla, or Chef DK.

chef's cheat day deepanker khosla haoma

Haoma and the #NoOneHungry campaign

Before becoming chef-patron at Haoma, Chef DK came from a background in the high-energy kitchens of Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide, as well as the popular Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology here in Bangkok. You may have spotted him on the Iron Chef show, or you may have ordered from his passion project Nutrichef. Famously, however, it is likely that Chef DK made it to your screens and grappled your attention with his Covid-19 charity campaign, #NoOneHungry.

By turning his fine dining restaurant Haoma into what could only be described as a soup kitchen, #NoOneHungry helped provide meals to the local community that was struggling to survive in the wake of the pandemic. The project managed to serve over 125,000 meals to those in need, and brought a global spotlight to Chef DK’s initiative. Consequently, he was awarded the Champions of Change award, an honour bestowed on him by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants organisation.

Chef DK’s work towards a “more humane restaurant model” makes him a real force to be reckoned with as we move towards more sustainable, considerate, and forward-thinking practices across every industry. Chef DK is up there as a major player, and yet he still manages to come across as deeply relatable, funny, and even friendly. We’re curious then, with food at the forefront of his work and motivations, where does a man like Deepanker Khosla go for a drink, a date, or a special occasion? Read on to find out — and smile at the utterly relatable dessert franchise he mentions, too. As it turns out, you can achieve great things and still enjoy the humble scoop of ice cream, too.

chef's cheat day deepanker khosla haoma

For date nights, Chef Deepanker Khosla likes to head to Sri Trat

“One of my favourite places to take my wife out for dinner is Sri Trat. I love that place, I love the food there.”

No, Chef DK isn’t referring to a long road trip down to the Eastern province of Sri Trat, but rather to the restaurant on Sukhumvit 33. A real trip for the taste buds too, here they serve “rustic Eastern Thai cuisine,” which is renowned for spicy seafood dishes and curries. Signature items include Sun-dried Koh Chang Squid, Sweet and Sour Pork Belly Stew, Massaman Curry with Chicken Thigh and Unripened Durian (yup), and Trat Stir Fried Noodles with Soft Shell Crab.

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Image Credit: Sri Trat

On the riverside, the chef opts for classic Thai food

“A Thai restaurant on the river we like to go to is Baan Rabiang Nam. It’s one of our favourite spots.”

Praising street food and street side restaurants, Chef DK likes to enjoy local Thai delicacies. His suggestion of Baan Rabiang Nam is ideal for those who enjoy a riverside ambience. The dishes here present a balance of the five key flavours — sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty — beautifully showcased through a selection of popular Thai seafood classics.

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Image Credit: Cadence by Dan Bark

For special occasions, Chef DK heads to Cadence by Dan Bark

“My favourite fancy restaurant is Cadence by Dan Bark. I love going there for my birthday or anniversaries or special nights. We love Chef Dan.”

Michelin-starred Cadence by Dan Bark is a relatively new addition to Bangkok’s fine dining scene, and yet already has its own fan club of sorts. The restaurant serves up “progressive personal cuisine,” which can be understood as a match between Western and Asian cuisines, very much personal to Chef Dan himself. The tasting menu here comes with a traditional wine pairing, or even a fun cocktail (or mocktail) pairing. Ideal for special occasions indeed.

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Image Credit: Cadence by Dan Bark

Where does he go for Indian food?

“My favourite Indian food is at Khan Restaurant in Surawong. The Beef Nihari and the Chicken Korma are out of the world there.”

Whilst at first we were anxious to ask the chef of an Indian restaurant where he likes to eat Indian food, Chef DK answered with great ease, suggesting a casual eatery on Surawong road. Khan Restaurant serves up Indian, Pakistani, and Arabic food, with a spotlight on barbecued meats. Combining the three types of cuisines for a unique style of cooking, it is heavily frequented by those who are in the know.

Find out more: Khan Restaurant

Image Credit: Q&A Bar

The chef’s favourite bar is Q&A Bar

“My favourite bar in all of Bangkok is Q&A. That’s why I invited them to come over [for a brunch collaboration that weekend].”

It’s not hard to see why Chef DK loves Q&A Bar. The hidden bar located on Sukhumvit 21 is a favourite amongst Bangkok bar and cocktail lovers, serving as a space to explore an interesting menu in an intimate and private setting. At the moment, given the Covid-19 restrictions that won’t go away, they’re operating as QreAm Asoke Ice Cream Bar, inspired by a 1930s parlour that serves special made-in-house ice creams.

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Image Credit: Q&A Bar

And for dessert? Chef DK says you can’t fault Swensen’s

“For dessert, I love the cliched Swensen’s. Nothing fancy out here. I love to go to Swensen’s for dessert.”

Long beloved by locals, ice cream chain Swensen’s has become synonymous with comforting desserts and guilty pleasure scoops. It’s the go-to for just about any city dweller looking for no-fuss ice cream, and thereby it becomes all the more heartwarming to know that Chef DK himself goes here too. Champions of Change — as it turns out, sometimes they can be just like us.

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