With many establishments around town insisting on feeding the city with their scrumptious fare, Bangkok dwellers are always in luck and always get their cravings met.

With restaurants and cafes back to opening and serving kitchen-to-table meals, city dwellers are now back to the usual ritual of dining out. From Brazilian food to an old-schooled grocery store and artful fine-dining fare, we’ve been giving new food establishments a shot and here is our list of food deliveries and restaurants we are currently obsessed with and can’t get enough of this week.

[Featured and hero image credit: Wolf Croissanterie]

Karmakamet Conveyance and Sabor Brasil Bar & Restaurant – Kankanit Wichiantanon, Dining & Interiors Writer

For the month’s best edible art, the award goes to the new APPRECIATION Menu by Chef Jutamas (Som) Theantae of Karmakamet Conveyance. And by best, we don’t mean the most eye-wowing in visual, what we mean is the aesthetic and artful senses up for presentation that comes ready for each diner’s interpretation. “Like a painting at a museum, when you really look at it and absorb it, you experience it in your own way, with your own interpretation, this is using your visual senses to stimulate the art, but in this case, we use taste as a form of experiencing art.” said Chef Som. So expect no long, dull explanation for each dish since the chef intends on letting your imagination goes wild. Priced at THB 2,900++ (Promotion for THB 1,990++ until 15 October 2020), the menu comes with 10 succulent courses that nearly left me licking the dish because they were that good.

Having taken trips to Brazil last year and earlier this year, all the feijoada and pão de queijo which I was consuming by storms there really grew on me like mosses grow on trees. And although we have excellent Brazilian churrascarias like EL TORO Steakhouse and FOGO Churrascaria and Steakhouse, they do not serve home-cooked meals like the ones I’m familiar with and craving for. But when Sabor Brasil Bar & Restaurant came into the scene, god blesses me, the true and authentic restaurant doles out family-style Brazilian fare, just what you would typically see at the dining table, restaurants and street vendors dotted around the street in Brazil  – think Feijoada (of course), Coxinha, Brazilian French Fries (mandioca), Bobó de Camarão which is shrimp stew, Picanha Beef Steak and more. For sweets, I also their pastel, which is basically an ultra-flakey fried puff pastry stuffed with a filling of your preference, mine being Nutella & banana or keep it extra dulce with banana and a shower of condensed milk as stuffing. Delicioso.

Chorsnow – Alisha Pawa, Culture Writer

For delivery food to impress, Chorsnow is Alisha’s choice. Our culture writer is a Thai food devotee and the Ayutthaya-style Thai fare curated by Chorsnow just caters right to her palate. Although she’s not the biggest veggie fan, the green platter included in their Samrub set is definitely up her alley, considering it comes with drool-inducing fried battered vegetables and Thai-style carved veggies. Along with curry, stir-fry, and dessert items, it’s a complete meal ready to be indulged anywhere and anytime.

Wolf Croissanterie and Nangloeng Shophouse – Lisa Gries, Managing Editor

Our managing editor is a croissant monster; she loves anything and everything that comes wrapped in the warm buttery embrace of a croissant. The Wolf Croissanterie is her recent obsession. Situated within Neilson Hays Library, the croissant-focused haunt doles out an impressive selection of croissants – with even more impressive and interesting fillings and flavours like Tiger Prawn (as pictured), Garlic Cream, Black Truffle Double Cheese, Blueberry Cheese Pie, and more.

Image credit: Instagram/jiranarong2

For a place where Lisa could do a grocery run as well as get her coffee and cocktail fix all at the same time, the new Nangloeng Shophouse in the Nangloeng neighbourhood is her go-to. Here, she can shop for Chinese teas, honey, wine, and even house-made sauerkraut and sausage. The venue also churns out seasonal brunch dishes as well as desserts and caffeinated drinks to take your meal or snack sesh up a notch. A cocktail or two also wouldn’t hurt – it sure would enliven your grocery shopping. Trust Lisa.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.