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5 ways to consume more Vitamin D foods in Bangkok (including delivery ideas)

The first, most slap-yourself-in-the-face obvious way to get more Vitamin D in Bangkok is to step out into the sun. The second, more lockdown-friendly, more favourable option, is to add Vitamin D to your diet and consume Vitamin D foods. This is a story about the latter.

Whilst other things may be lacking, sunlight is sufficient in Thailand, so getting your dose of Vitamin D may come relatively easily to you if you spend a significant amount of time sunbathing. However, for those who prefer not to risk the chances of skin cancer and like to stay out of the sun (and safely inside the house), consuming Vitamin D-rich foods is a valuable alternative.

After all, Vitamin D is a bit of a star vitamin right now. It is needed to keep all bones, teeth, and muscles healthy, and as we live through another big wave of COVID-19 surges, our health really is our greatest wealth.

Here, we’ve zoomed in on a few famous Vitamin D foods, and paired these with restaurants in Bangkok that deliver dishes that entail them. We are not trained medical professionals in any way, but do we love food. Let’s get this D.

N.B.: These are mere dining suggestions based on basic Vitamin D foods. Please consult with a doctor before drastically altering your diet.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Miss Fish BKK]

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Here’s an idea: Nippon Des Rice Bowl from Miss Fish

Fatty salmon is the most famous Vitamin D food, and luckily Bangkok offers plenty of pan-seared, roasted, or even raw salmon dish delivery options. Our absolute favourite of the minute hails from Miss Fish (a bit of an expert in the world of fish), offering several salmon rice bowls to choose from. Try the Nippon Des Rice Bowl, packed with veggies and topped with a special Mentaiko Mayo sauce.

[Image Credit: Miss Fish BKK]

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Here’s an idea: Grilled Mackerel Bento from Katsushin

Whilst salmon often steals the show, mackerel is actually a good source of Vitamin D too. It is found in many traditional Thai dishes, yet when we’re not ordering our favourite street food (or getting grandma to cook it), we also like to order it from Katsushin. They serve up a Grilled Mackerel Bento as a nice Japanese lunch option.

[Image Credit: Montatip Lilitsanong/Unsplash]


Here’s an idea: Fin Bagel from BKK Bagels

Whilst fresh fish definitely beats canned fish, canned tuna is also a source of Vitamin D. It packs a bit less and needs to be consumed with caution given its mercury content, but is easy to find and easy to consume together with other healthy vegetables. We love a classic tuna salad, and the Fin Tuna Salad Bagel from BKK Bagels is a fun light snack or lunch idea.

[Image Credit: BKK Bagels]

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Here’s an idea: Salmon Benedict from Luka

Wherever you consume egg yolk from, if the chickens were raised outside with high sun exposure, it is likely the egg yolk will have a higher Vitamin D content. It still isn’t exorbitant, but every little bit helps. Nevertheless, every dish we thought of for this category was leaning towards the unhealthy side — egg tarts, Carbonara, and Thai golden egg yolk thread dessert — so it’s important to find a balance. We settled on the Salmon Benedict from Luka, because the salmon is also rich in Vitamin D, and the poached egg oozes its yolk all over the plate. Win-win.

[Image Credit: Luka Bangkok]

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Here’s an idea: Risotto Ardennais from Belga

Mushrooms are said to be a good plant-based source of Vitamin D (however, still not as strong as animal Vitamin D). Wild mushrooms work best, as they are treated with UV light. Our pick for this category hails from the Belgian restaurant Belga. They serve up a Risotto Ardennais made with champagne (okay, not the healthiest), wild mushrooms (healthy), and truffle (divine). Definitely indulgent, but definitely also one of our favourite classics.

[Image Credit: Julien Pianetti/Unsplash]


5 ways to consume more Vitamin D foods in Bangkok (including delivery ideas)

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