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Editor’s Picks: the best Bangkok pastries we’re legit obsessing over

Who doesn’t like a good pastry?

With many bakeries and cafes around town insisting on feeding the city with their scrumptious baked goods, Bangkok dwellers are always in luck and always get their sweet cravings met.

From canele to vanilla slices and a decadent pistachio croissant, we’ve been giving different bakeries a shot and here is our list of the best pastry spots in Bangkok that we are currently obsessed with.

[Featured and hero image credit: Unsplash/Jason Leung]

Bakesjourney and Mocha & Muffins

I thrive on desserts and all things soul-pleasing, so it comes to no surprise that sugary stuff is, in fact, my main food group (ask my coworkers, they know I give myself at least one treat a day). Lately, I’ve been really into the baked goods by Bakesjourney. The venue doles out a scrumptious spread of Parisian cafe-style confections but just with much less of that stiff air French pastries usually carry. Durian devotees really need to sink their teeth into Bakesjourney’s signature Durian Sticky Rice Pie, where the durian-spiked rice custard is bejewelled with big pulps of actual durian. A slice of Durian Cheesecake is also just as great — a plus if you also happen to be a cheesecake lover.

I’m not a firm believer in the practice of mixing sour elements into a dessert; in my head, the two contrasting flavour profiles of sweet and sour just don’t go hand in hand. But the Pistachio Cherry Knots at Mocha & Muffins proved me wrong. The almond pistachio cream-filled croissant dough injected with a smear of bright red cherry jam is simply a harmonious symphony of flavours. The pastry oozes out a sweet nuttiness that’s cut beautifully by the slightly acidic jam. Yes, their sausage roll is divine but this sugar right here is, for me, the true showstopper. — Kankanit Wichiantanon, Dining & Interiors Writer

Kenn’s and Entree Coffee & Brunch

I have always been a sucker for croissants, so much so that my version of ‘flirting’ was to send the croissant emoji to my partner. We used to get them from Kenn’s opposite my apartment, and I still love that spot a lot, though I’ve recently started exploring other pastries. Do you know what a canele is? It’s a very cute-looking French pastry with a custard texture inside and a crispy-ish caramelised crust. I never thought I’d like it, but I ate a box of six from Entree Coffee & Brunch yesterday, and I think I’ve fallen a little in love and sugar. If it were a person, I’d be flooding its DMs with the aforementioned emojis. — Lisa Gries, Managing Editor

Roast and the Wallflowers Cafe

One thing is for sure: my sugar-cravings have been off the charts lately, and anything sweet could really cheer me up — especially, chocolate-filled pastries. Recently I’ve been craving for a vanilla slice (also known as a Millefeuille in the fancy language), and when I spotted this French pastry at Roast, I couldn’t resist it. This three-layered puff pastry filled with luscious, creamy vanilla has permanently booked a spot on my sweet-tooth wish list (basically, every time I’m on a lookout to uplift my mood). I believe in the traditional way of indulging in cakes with a mean cup of coffee, and simply a slice of New York Cheese Cake at the Wallflowers Cafe always hits the spot. The pastries here are not only strikingly gorgeous but they are as delicious as they look — and, of course, the flower-filled vintage ambiance just makes everything perfect. Whilst I love trying out new delicacies all the time, the best flavour lies within the simplest ingredients. — Alisha Pawa, Culture Writer

Kankanit Wichiantanon
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