A good snack can always make the Euro 2020 games more fun.

It is the season of the Euro Cup. After it was postponed for an elongated period of time, the football matches are back on, and we’re staying up to try and watch the games. However, as any sports lover will tell you, the atmosphere surrounding the game is equally as important as the game itself — from the cheering crowds to the snacks.

Food is one of the best parts of watching a football match, especially when you are watching it in the middle of the night. Here are some of the best classic game day snacks to order for delivery in Bangkok.

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Order your fried Nashville Hot Chicken from Fowlmouth. The spiciness of their beloved fried chicken will keep you awake all night for the game. You can also get Hot Chicken Tacos or burgers if you prefer, and you can easily order them through GrabFood, Robinhood, LineMan, or even directly through their website.

[Image Credit: Fowlmouth]

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Mexican food is the comfort food we all need, especially when it looks like your team could be losing. Wraptor have expanded from their two original stores in Ari and are now available to order on Sukhumvit 71. We recommend their taquitos (good taquitos are difficult to find), which consist of rolled-up tortillas filled with meat and cheese, and served with sour cream and guac. Available for delivery through GrabFood, LineMan and more, get the first taste of this Mexican appetiser as you watch the Euros 2020.

[Image Credit: Wraptor via Instagram]

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Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. It’s easy to grab as you keep your eyes are glued to the TV. Soho Pizza is bringing the 18-inch New York Pizza experience to Thailand, which makes it perfect to enjoy while watching a game. With a constant rotation of new flavours to explore, their menu is as exciting as the scoreboard. Find your perfect slice by ordering the Soho pizza straight to your doorstep through apps like GrabFood and Robinhood.

[Image Credit: Soho Pizza]

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A big burger after a long night is what everyone dreams on. If you are in need of a good burger for your Euro Cup nights, look no further than Bun Meat & Cheese. If you miss the burger places you have visited in other countries, then this is the right place for you. They’ve got a campaign going at the moment named after the popular American burger chain, Shake Shack. In fact, they put their own twist on it and named it ‘Fake Shack.’ Order the burgers directly through them via the link on their Instagram bio or through apps like GrabFood.

[Image Credit: Bun Meat and Cheese via Instagram]

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We couldn’t leave nachos off the list. Although nachos are a bit of a messy food, they are a classic football-watching food. La Monita’s take on them goes above and beyond. Not only do they make nachos like we usually know them, but they also have Nacho fries. Order yours now directly from them or through apps like LineMan.

[Image Credit: La Monita via Instagram]

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Charcuterie boards are not the most traditional football snack, but they are great as a late-night snack. El Mercado offers a menu specifically for the Euros 2020. Included in their menu, they offer ‘Euro Cheese and Cold Cut Platters’. The prices vary according to the size of the platters, but they also offer dips and dessert along with other dishes. Order anything you want through their official website.

[Image Credit: El Mercado via Instagram]

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