We know the term “farm-to-table” is probably wearing you out.

It is heavily used – if not misused – and that’s partly why the word has lost its meaning and sacred along the way.

However, the products of Wild Nature Artisan may just restore your faith for the term. Helmed by two sisters, Dara Wongwan and Tubtim Malaiarisoon, the Chiang Mai-based artisan product company is hawking a wide array of homemade and from-scratch goods, spanning fruit spreads, infusions and herb salts – crafted from ingredients cultivated from their own 8,000 sqm biodynamic (not just organic!) garden situated in Nong Hoi, Chiang Mai.

Committing to the biodynamic way of farming, the exclusive group of nine farmers implements crop rotation, growing things seasonally and applying holistic, ecological, and ethical logics, as well as making their own organic fertiliser and using a solar-powered sprinkler system – all known to be the characteristic of biodynamic practice to the farm.

“I would also like to make supporting a sustainable lifestyle and culture of Chiang Mai easy for people who admire these senses of Chiang Mai. That is what all our product creation is based on,” says Dara Wongwan, Wild Nature’s co-founder.

Not only is the brand is committed to sustainable agriculture, but it also commits to the land in which the people and the farm are raised and rooted in. Wild Nature Artisan takes pride in hyperlocal production, using only produce grown in the area and by its farmers with the goal to tell the tales of Chiang Mai’s plethora of pristine seasonal produce.

We got a chance to try some of their goods and have curated a list of must-have products you should include to your pantry. Scroll down to see which one may best match with your taste.

Artisan Jam (THB 120)

The power of jam; it can turn your humdrum morning into a vivid one. The fruit-derived spread has a heart-warming taste. This selection of Artisan Jam comes in seven different types: Citrus Melodies, Memory of Kindness, Bold Companions, Banoffee Dreams, It Takes Two #1, Perfect the Perfection, and Young at Heart. The Banoffee Dreams is by far our absolute favourite. Made of homegrown organic bananas, caramel, chai masala, and butter, having it on toast is basically like having a slice of dessert. Citrus Melodies is composing of four varieties of oranges and garden basil, also adding a splash of vibrancy to your day thanks to its herbaceous flavour.

Organic Herb Salt (THB 210)

For home cooks who love a good salt blend, Wild Nature Artisan churns out a range of Organic Herb Salt all made using fleur de sel, which is known for being the finest of salt crystals. The Never-Ending Summer comes packed with fleur de sel, dill, garlic, lime zest, and a family of mints: black mint, chocolate mint, Japanese mint, and Thai mint. You can sure bet it will add a dash of herbal, lingering coolness to any dish you sprinkle it on. The Thai Thai Grills with a list of ingredients like fleur de sel, coriander roots, green peppercorns, and ginger will also be a good addition to any roast or stir-fry when you’re in need to add an extra kick to your dish.

Organic Infusion (THB 270)

For tea aficionados, get ready to be pleased by these aromatic infusions. Their tea blends are odorous and packed with a punch of flavours from organic herbs and flowers. For something of floral sophistication, opt for the Dreamchaser, which is a mix of torch ginger flower, rose, jasmine, coral vine, karonda fruit, and stevia. But for more of an exotic blend spiked with spices, then the Tom Yum should be your move since it contains all things nice and spicy like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal, chilli and coriander.

Wild Nature Artisan, 119/28 Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, 50000, +6695 536 5156.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.