It’s time to take your gifting game up a notch with more than just a box of chocolate.

Yes, a bouquet of blooms are also a great choice but nothing beats a cool and cheesy edible gift that will keep your tummy warm and pleased. Creative vendors are churning out an array of innovative food gifts that please the eyes as well as the palate. Here’s our list of what to get for your loved ones, especially if they are foodies through and through.

[Featured image credit: KOKOPAN; hero image credit: Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash]





Looking for a way to delight your lover and croissant fanatic? KOKOPAN offers just the thing that will get the job done. This Croissant Bouquet should definitely be your move.

Image credit: KOKOPAN

PopOvens Bangkok

Decorated cookies over at PopOvens Bangkok are created to impress and dazzle. Their Valentine’s Day Mini Cookie Pack is as instagrammable as it is delicious.

Image credit: PopOvens Bangkok

The Catering Table

This Valentine’s Day, get your baby – or yourself – these Baby Cakes that come with four designs by The Catering Table. Whatever your situation is, let the frosted cake speak your mind.

Image credit: The Catering Table

Oldschool Brownies

For a dessert with universal appeal, a brownie is always the right choice. Opt for LAVAlentines Set by Oldschool Brownies and get your goodies along with a cute Valentine’s Day card and stickers.

Image credit: Oldschool Brownies 

summer forest

The Pudding Pie at summer forest always manages to steal our hearts with its pastel hue and luscious texture. The best thing about it, however, is that you can customise how you want it to look. Make such a humble dessert even more personal and touching.

Image credit: summer forest

Woolloom thonglor

If these clouds of Raspberry Lamingtons filled with fresh cream and sweet-sour raspberry compote at Woolloom thonglor are not the cutest thing you see in weeks, they surely will be one of the best decadent desserts you’ve had during this month of love.

Image credit: woolloom thonglor

Yellow Spoon

Yellow Spoon together with Cat Florist will make your day with a bouquet of edible blooms – and by that we mean sugar cookies with bright royal icing in assorted shapes of smiley faces or flowers.

Image credit: Yellow Spoon

Guss Damn Good

Just when you think Guss Damn Good couldn’t get any cuter, their Box of Good Moments curated especially for the month of February will make you swoon over the sweet-loving designs as well as the lusciously creamy ice cream with five new flavours inside.

Image credit: Guss Damn Good


Macarons alone are already impressive as a gift but they get even better here at ICI. You can have your boo’s initials included as well as your memorable pics.

Image credit: ICI

Siam Florist Bangkok Flower

A Ferrero Rocher bouquet is not a new sight on a typical Valentine’s Day in Bangkok, yet it still boasts a wow-worthy effect that never fails to impress. Get it here at Siam Florist Bangkok Flower.

Image credit: Siam Florist Bangkok Flower

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