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The weird and wonderful food trends that popped up during this pandemic

Trends come and go, but while they last, they cause a true sensation amongst pop-culture consumers.

Even during the time of a pandemic, trends still find their ways through gaps of distress to fill people’s hearts with thrill and pleasure. Food-wise, there’s a repertoire of current crazes for baking and cooking certain dishes as a way to keep one’s mind from going insane during the lockdown.

And although trends do have this sort of unsavoury reputation as being a short-lived fashion, what they do, especially during this time, is bring humanity together. For the first time ever, people are getting onto a serious cooking bandwagon, whipping up Korean-inspired coffee, focaccia, American cakes and cookies, and so much more. As it turns out, food always triumphs for being a glue to unite folks from all walks of life.

We’ve curated a list of popping food trends that are keeping foodies busy (and happy) at the moment. Try your hand at them yourself if you haven’t already, and get into the kitchen and cooking.

[Featured image credit: @sweetandlifestyle/Instagram; Hero image credit: Erol Ahmed/Unsplash]

Image credit: Unsplash/Klara Avsenik

Banana Bread

Baking, in general, has been topping the list of the top-three most popular activities during the lockdown. But if we ‘re talking about the recipe that has really been the talk of the town, it’s banana bread. It is said that the recipe was first invented to help the sale of baking powder and baking soda since the cake calls for both leavening agents. But it is beyond doubt that the cake has made it this far because of its soul-satisfying taste and versatility, since it can pretty much take in other added elements like nuts, chocolate, raisins, sprinkle, nut butter, and so much more to fit the baker’s preferences and taste.


The olive oil-drenched bread imparts an earthy and salty flavour accompanied by a crunchy and chewy texture all in one piece. There’s no question that the classic was fabulous in its nature, but the pandemic situation has made it even better — and by better, we mean more artsy-crafty. Teri Culletto of VineyardBaker on Instagram started the focaccia art sensation in her own kitchen, with the social media crowd then carrying on the food artistry in using the bread as their canvas.

Image credit: Unsplash/Mayur

Dalgona Coffee

The Cappuccino, latte, americano, long black, flat white, and more has always been in the spotlight in our coffee-fuelled world. But if you’re talking about the true showstopper for 2020, it’s dalgona coffee. The Korean-originated caffeinated drink is all the rage right now. The whipped coffee fluff served atop a warm bath of milk took after the Korean dessert called ‘Dalgona,’ which is a caramel-like sponge candy. Here’s an antidote to boredom during the outbreak for most cafe hoppers slash coffee aficionados who can no longer cruise the streets looking for a cup of perfect brews.

Image credit: Unsplash/Tommaso Urli

Sourdough Bread

For many workaholics and office slaves, the time-consuming act of bread-making is just unquestionably beyond reach – let alone the sourdough bread baking, which can take up to three days to master. But if there’s any better time to commit to this ancient art of baking, it is now. One of the best gifts self-quarantining has given us is the gift of time, and this applies greatly to cooking. According to the feeds sprinkled on our social media, many have been trying out their hand at from-scratch and chemical-free cooking, which includes sourdough.

Image credit: Unsplash/Erol Ahmed


The Cookie is like a universal language; it pleases and speaks to all genders, generations, nations, and races. And the round, sugar-laden treat is also a life enrichment during this time of uncertainty. Thereby it’s no surprise to see people – like us – are relying on the existence of this goodie and always make sure to have them piping hot on our dining table every once in a while.

Image credit: Unsplash/kyryll ushakov


The closing of our favourite bars and restaurants have forced us to go on a make-your-own-cocktail journey. Dub yourself a home bartender and make a ‘quarantini,’ aka, simple at-home cocktails to sweep away all your worries. It’s also a great hobby to have especially now that you’re on WFH or self-distancing sessions. And believe you me, there’s no better time than this to be sipping on a negroni whilst replying to emails or post-conference call.

Image credit: Unsplash/Roshan Dhimal


Those who love dumplings know they are not the most affordable foodstuff, despite their ubiquity. With the making of momos being prevalent and popular on social media, the dumplings seen and eaten throughout the households in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan are now making their way to home kitchens across the globe. Good news? No more spending big on the steamed delicacies. Dumpling delicious.

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