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Here’s how French chocolatiers are making plant-based chocolate

Have you ever wondered about how do France’s artisan chocolate-makers go about crafting the chocolate of tomorrow when removing the very ingredients that usually satisfies our taste for sugar and fat?

It turns out that nature often has the answer, in the form of ingredients such as fruit, avocado oil and soy milk. It took Meilleur Ouvrier de France [Best Craftsman in France], Nicolas Cloiseau, nine months to develop his 100% plant-based collection. That was back in 2018 when the head chocolatier of France’s La Maison du Chocolat was the first big name to shake things up in the chocolate world.

The starting idea was simple: to concoct a chocolate selection every bit as delicious as those usually hailing from La Maison du Chocolat, but without using even a hint of cream or butter in the ganache. Accompanied by a nutritionist, Nicolas Cloiseau developed recipes for five ganaches that only use natural ingredients to achieve the perfect taste and texture of chocolate. As for sugar, Chef Cloiseau looked to honey and maple syrup to deliver just the right hint of sweetness.

What is vegan chocolate made of?

Vegan chocolate can be made of several non-meat and non-dairy items such as fruit, avocado oil, or soy milk. 

Which chocolate is vegan?

There are several vegan chocolate brands such as Paris-based Edwart Chocolatier, La Maison du Chocolat, or Delices d’Arthur by Pierre Chauvet. 

Can vegans eat cheese?

Vegans tend to stay clear of animal products, so they cannot eat traditional cheese that comes from animals. However, they can eat substitutes such as nut cheese. 

How do you make vegan chocolate from scratch?

There are several ways to approach it. To replace cream — since no butter was used in his creations — chocolate-maker Edwin Yansané decided to use soy milk to get a creamy and silky consistency. The young artisan carried out various tests with coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk and plant-based mascarpone.

How do you make vegan chocolate milk from scratch?

Replace dairy milk with coconut milk and rice milk and combine with cocoa powder and chocolate chips for a tasty vegan chocolate milk recipe.

Here’s how French chocolatiers are making plant-based chocolate

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