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They ‘grammed it and we crave it: 10 local foodies to follow on Instagram

There’s no denying that Instagram has turned the universe we share into a you-centred universe, or you-niverse. The social media platform has become a space where anyone and everyone can weave together stories circled around their lives and their individual interests, all through a few swipes of the smartphone. Beauty, travel, and celebrity lovers can find and follow their favourites, and yet now more than ever, Instagram is finally also proving a scrumptious space for us die hard foodies, too.

With almost every restaurant, small joint or even street food vendor searchable on Instagram, chefs and aspiring cooks have been upping their games and giving their dishes a photo-ready finish that is ready to post. In a way, food has gained a whole new 21st-century sophistication through the far-famed application, with many Bangkok foodie Instagrammers hunting the length and breadth of the city for the best eats about town. Scroll ahead to view a few of our favourites of the moment, but be warned: their food pictures are not just eye-popping, but also tummy-awakening at the same time.

Hero and featured image credit: Unsplash/Jenna Day

1 /10


Oat Komkrich sure loves both his coffee, and his minimalism. If you are a foodie who enjoys cosy and warm shots of food, then this is an account you need to tap hearts and likes for. Each image showcases his skill in capturing sensational tablescapes of different café offerings. His photographs feature soft natural lighting that reveals the aesthetic both hidden and exposed in each dish.

Dish pictured: Hamburger by Homeburg, a new indie hamburger haunt in Sukhumvit. Each time your teeth sink into the soft brioche bun, we guarantee you’ll be wowed to the very last bite.

2 /10

Instagrammer Where’s ZYNE has just the right balance of high-carb, high-fat and high-fructose incorporated in his diet. His IG page is always keeping us up to date with a dose of new dishes Bangkok has on offer, usually in video form, so we can all witness every delightful fork- and spoonful.

Dish pictured: New Zealand Grilled Lamp Chops atop a bed of buttery green sauce from polished Parisian steakhouse Le Boeuf.

3 /10


There is no doubt Here Is Never Land has made food and Instagram her means of storytelling, with each post narrating her daily diet, and incorporating both street and starred dishes. Boasting dreamy filters, her Instagram is the testament that food can be joy, and sometimes is the comfort of finding home in a plate.

Drink pictured: Belgian Chocolate Cheese Tea from Ditto Tea. Want cheese in your herbal tea? Here’s the place to get it.

4 /10


With naturally-lit shots of her culinary journies, Parisparisuth does it right by making us feel as though we are part of her foodgrimage. Honestly, we have never realised pizza-making could be this beautiful.

Dish pictured: Wood-fired oven pizza over at Délices De Capoue Bangkok. This Ekkamai pizzeria has been serving up an indulgent choice of pies made with not 24 but 72-hour fermented doughs, offering a uniquely pleasant aroma and flavours. Try their Pizz’Hamburger or the Panang Kai pizza. Bizarre but delicious.

5 /10


Serving us with sleek and stylish images, S.Thuntida is proving that minimalist food photography always succeeds in bringing out that extra charm in any dish.

Dish pictured: Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes, served with cream cheese and ripe bright peach and strawberry slices sandwiched between the layers, from Pollen Baked Goods, a European-style café known for its vintage-inspired desserts and setting.

6 /10


Bean Beans is Bangkok’s very own a café and coffee guide of the moment. Noting café hopping as her hobby and passion, the Instagrammer floats between chic and cool cafés, sharing every step of her delicious journey with her followers. Catch a glimpse of her escapades through her account and let Bean Beans school you on where to drool over the best baked goods and potent coffee in style.

Dishes pictured: Avocado toast with caramelised onion, alongside a glass of iced coffee, a tea set, and apple tarte tatin from Alex & Beth. Saunter here if you crave for a piece of good tartine or Parisian style desserts.

7 /10


Those looking for inspiration for your next night out, Itan’s feed is an account you need to be obsessed over. Dubbing himself Bangkok’s eating specialist, his pictures have proven that the statement is not at all unbecoming. As much as he keeps us updated on culinary news, Itan also tags us along with him to every luncheon and dinner to make us salivating over the food he eats in his free time, too.

Dish pictured: Finely curated by Chef Tonn of Le Du Wine Bar & Restaurant (which has recently earned its prize as the 14th in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants), this dish features ant larvae and bamboo, with a pool of sumptuous crab curry at its centre.

8 /10

Don’t hesitate to follow Delicious Bangkok if you are a true Japanese food or uni enthusiast. It is one of a few accounts that follows — quite religiously — the trends of Bangkok’s Japanese delights, with much of the feed highlighting uni-centred dishes.

Dish pictured: Unagi and Uni Udon by Teppen Bangkok. Prefer raw over cooked? This Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant serves up great sashimi dishes paired with refreshing sake cocktails.

9 /10


For years Yong Sans has been scouting through town questing for finger-licking-good dishes. Her account is sprinkled with gorgeous gourmet food images that may very well excite you to get up and head to the eateries featured through her page.

Dish pictured: Oyster shooter served with a shot of sake and gazpacho soup at Le Cochon Blanc. Situated in Soi Phrom Chit, this live fire BBQ restaurant does not only focus on the meat cooked over open flames, but also the juicy Monsieur Jean-Paul oysters imported from Utah beach, too.

10 /10


A scroll through her page is a virtual food tour through Bangkok (and also other countries). Being a lover of food, photography, and travelling, Paidonnnn is displaying her captures of chefs in action, food plating, and all her favourite dishes in a colourful and amusing way. Fun and vivid, with over 130k followers (and counting) on her profile, we needn’t say more.

Dish pictured: Truffle Ramen from Ramen Wakyu at Sukhumvit 51. Truffle and ramen aficionados, this is one bowl you don’t want to miss out on.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.
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