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How to stay healthy during the Vegetarian Festival

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not, here’s what you should be taking note of to stay healthy during the vegetarian festival in Bangkok.

Going vegan for 10 days can be quite challenging for some. Especially for beginners who don’t know the proper guide, it can lead to an unhealthy vegan diet. However, if you keep the following tips in mind, you won’t be having difficulties with the temporary vegan lifestyle. We’ve created a guide to help you get your vegan on healthily without any torment.

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Paint your plate with the rainbow colours

Dine colourfully. A rainbow a day keeps the doctor away and our body humming. If your choices of vegetables are of the same or similar colours, swap out a few or add more to increase phytonutrients in your diet. The wider the variety of vegetables and fruits, the more nutritional bang your body will get.

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Stock your pantry with plant-based food

Switching to a vegan diet and maintaining it for a certain period can be quite challenging. You might find yourself frequently hungry throughout the day. But having sufficient plant-based staples on hand ensures you’re staying satiated at all times during the Vegetarian Festival. Moreover, it helps you not to drifting away from your diet, too.

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Avoid unhealthy fats

There’s no way of skipping the sensation of the vegan food parade during the vegetarian festival. The scrumptious plant-based dishes and fried munchies are everywhere and they’re just irresistible. However, these unhealthy fats could mean extra calories for you to torch after this. It might be a hassle to stick to healthy fats during this period, but you’ll thank yourself later when you weigh yourself on the scale.

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Put a limit on artificial meat intake

Artificial meat gives you the sense of assurance that you’re not eating any animal-based meat. But too much of that can cause you to have an upset stomach. It’s unrecognisable to your body and your immune system may take a beating from gut-harming ingredients. Besides, you might be even more at risk of allergies to any of the ingredients in it, too.

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Drink adequate water

Water is key. And it’s amazing how much hydration impacts our energy and body parts. Plus, it eradicates phantom hunger, exhaustion, and the cravings for salty food during the day.

Image of healthy food for how to stay healthy during the vegetarian festival article
Image Credit: Rachael Gorjestani/Unsplash

Opt for whole-grain carb

Add fuel for your body with whole-grain carbs. Not only does it provide the necessary fibre and nutrients, but it also keeps your carb intake healthy throughout the vegetarian festival. What’s more, it leaves you feeling fuller and promotes healthy blood sugar levels, too.

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