K-Dramas always show off the wonders of Korean food, but where can you order the best Korean food in Bangkok?

Although we can’t take a quick ride to Korea Town and dine-in, that does that does not mean we can’t enjoy good Korean food. With the rise of popularity for all things Korean, here are the best Korean restaurant where you can order from. Cosy up with your favourite K-drama, endless Korean delivery and enjoy your evening.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Kim Jeong Grill via Facebook]


Bibimbap is one of the greatest Korean dishes you could have. Kim Jeong Grill, apart from having an option for Korean BBQs, also has the best Bibimbap the city has to offer. The endless variations of the dish makes sure that just about anyone could enjoy it.  From vegetarian options to bone marrow bibimbap or yukhoe bibimbap, this restaurant can cater to every taste. Pair with their extremely popular meats for a perfect Korean dinner.

[Image Credit: Kim Jeong Grill via Facebook]

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Korean fried chicken is one of the best in the world. Packed with flavour, the spices on the chicken can leave your tongue tingling for days. With nearly ten different flavours available, at Choongman Chicken, the spice levels range from Red Hot to Snow Onion chicken. Apart from their signature fried chicken, their other dishes are also just as popular.  They have you covered from the start of your meal to the end of your meal, ending at the popular Korean bingsu dessert.

[Image credit: Choongman Chicken via Facebook]

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One of Korea’s signature dishes is jajangmyeon. The Korean noodle dish is topped with a thick black sauce with meat and vegetables. There are variations of the dish, featuring different types of meats to vegetables. Ja Guem Song makes the most of these noodles, allowing them to be varied across different dishes from jjamppong to tteokbokki.

[Image Credit: Ja Guem Song via Facebook]

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Established over 20 years ago, Kongju is a Korean restaurant loved by many Korean locals in Bangkok. Usually, servers are dressed in traditional hanbok, too. Although you might miss out on the dine-in restaurant quirks, the taste of their food remains the same when it is delivered. Get a taste of Korea without ever having to leave your own home with more traditional options here.

[Image Credit: Kongju Korean Restaurant via Facebook]

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From side dishes to main dishes, Kiani has it all. Meat usually plays a big part in Korean cuisine, but Kiani allows you to stick with Korean food while remaining true to your diet. Apart from the usual delicacies like fried chicken, bibimbap, and kimchi soups, they also have harder-to-find dishes like different types of mandu dumplings and rice balls.

[Image Credit: Kiani via Facebook]

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This Korean cafe will teleport you to Seoul. With a wide selection of Korean food including fried chicken, spicy carbonara ramyeon, and oppa fried rice just to name a few. Whilst the classics are great, this restaurant is perfect for K-Drama lovers. They have a signature Itaewon-style combo with fried chicken, sundubujigae, BBQ pork, and spicy noodles. Order this combo for delivery before you start watching the series on Netflix.

[Image Credit: Super Seoul Café via Facebook]

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This home-style Korean food will make you feel like you’re visiting a Korean friend. They give you a meal with a story behind it, and urge you to understand what you’re eating before you eat it. Bab Joa allows you to order their food from their Facebook page on a day-to-day basis for freshly-cooked Korean specialties.

[Image Credit: Bab Joa via Facebook]

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