You know the feels. You’re out on a night on the town, bar-hopping, club-jumping, or simply sleep-deprived-soi-surfing, looking for a place to soothe the roaring hunger that comes from being a city dweller in a city that actually does go to sleep past 2am. Sure, there is always a chicken rice or noodle soup stop open somewhere, and of course, 24-hour McDonald’s, Sunrise Tacos, or Hollys Coffee dot the more prevalent big streets across town. You’ve got Jay Fai if you’re in the mood for a Michelin omelette, and Lung Chuaey’s egg noodles if you’re in the mood to slurp up some ba-mee. But what if you were looking to actually eat out after a night of, well, being out?

Where street food stalls are homey and fast food chains can be convenient, there’s nothing quite like gathering your friends and packing yourselves into a taxi for a quick but proper no-calorie-count-necessary meal right before heading to bed. You could go down the gloriously greasy route and gorge on gourmet burgers and milkshakes until you drop. You could sip miso (we hear it’s actually a great hangover preventer) like there’s no tomorrow. And you could test the infamous theory that eating a slice of chocolate cake at 4am is one of the greatest joys in life.

For all of these sleepy swoons, we’ve got the answers ready. Though late night restaurants aren’t as big of a thing in Bangkok as they are in some other parts of the world, we’ve done the partying, and collected the research. Here are the ones you should definitely keep an eye out for before you get that shut-eye on your next big night out.

Featured image credit: Soho Pizza; Hero image credit: 25 Degrees

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: 25 Degrees

The Classic: 25 Degrees

There’s nothing like a hot hearty burger to round out a night of drinking as a perfect pre-pass-out-on-your-bed treat. A far more indulgent bite than your average McDs or BKs, 25 Degrees has long been a late-night favourite for locals in the Silom area. Located on the ground floor of the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, the burger joint is open 24 hours, serving up the classic American late-night staples. Opt for the Number One Burger (THB 330) with caramelised onion, Crescenza cheese, Prelibato Gorgonzola, bacon, arugula, and thousand island dressing, or the Number Three Burger (THB 330) made with Mezzo Secco Jack cheese, green chili, chipotle, and avocado. You can get a black brioche bun for an extra THB 40, and definitely also pair with curly, truffle, or sweet potato fries (THB 80-100). Interestingly, 25 Degrees also has a Late Night Happy Hour from 12am to 3am, wherein you can get a free side dish for every 2 drinks you order. The munching marvels past midnight in Silom.

25 Degrees, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, 188 Silom Rd., Bangkok, Bangkok, +66 2352 4000; Open daily 24 Hours.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: Soho Pizza

New York Style: Soho Pizza

Where Bangkok has street-side noodles, New York has grab & go pizza, and for all those looking to get a slice of the Big Apple here in the Big Mango, Soho Pizza is your late night go-to. The brainchild of the infamous Italian-American pizza hero Anthony Falco, the new restaurant in Nana is serving up New York-style pizza by the slice – though ‘slice’ is almost an understatement. True to the American way, the portion sizes are on the bigger side, making for an ideal late-night bite, and justifying the slightly hefty price tag per slice. Go for the Pepperoni (THB 150/slice) or the Cheese Pizza (THB 120/slice) for a true taste of New York, or get experimental with the vegetarian Green Machine (THB 120/slice), made with homemade pesto cream, caciocavallo, kale, and morning glory. Whole pizzas are also available for THB 600-750, and whilst they are fittingly large, they embrace that sweet late-night motto: eat tonight, worry tomorrow.

Soho Pizza, 26/3 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok, +662 821 5113; Open daily 12pm-4am.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: Ramen Tei
Image Credit: Instagram
In the mood for a nood: Ramen Tei

There are some kinds of comforts that can only be found in a bowl of noodles. Proving that ramen are the only kinds of men you should seek after a late night out, Ramen Tei has been serving up scrumptious ramen to sleepy city dwellers in Bangkok since 1983. With a few outlets across Bangkok, we actually noted this chain after being given a secret tip by an award-winning bartender, and if anyone, a local award-winning bartender should know these kinds of haunts best. At Ramen Tei, portions are big and wholesome, whether you go for the Chasyumen (THB 250) or the Tantanmen (THB 180-230, depending on noodle/broth type). There are other items besides ramen on the menu too, from Yakisoba (THB 200) to Gyoza (THB 130) and Ebi in Chili Sauce (THB 290). Whilst the more famous outlets are located on Surawongse Road and Sukhumvit 39 and 49, the Thaniya branch is open the latest — until 2am.

Ramen Tei Thaniya, 23/8-9 Thaniya Rd., Bangkok, +66 02 234 8082; Open daily 11am-2am.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: Greenhouse

Congee for the soul: Greenhouse

Chinese food is the original Asian guilty-pleasure splurge meal, and for Chinese food that is available even later than in China Town, head to the Landmark’s Greenhouse restaurant. The 24-hour eatery serves up a selection of Chinese staples, whether you’re looking for the cushiony comfort of a steamed sweet cream bun (THB 120), or an exciting stir fry of Fukien Noodles (THB 240). Depending on how late (or early) you head in, warm up your belly with some Congee and Salted Pork (THB 220) or a Hainanese Chicken Rice (THB 240). Have some jasmine tea, load up on Patongko (THB 65) and then head to bed (or to work, if you’re wild) with a smile.

Greenhouse, The Landmark Bangkok Sukhumvit, 138 Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, +66 2 254 0404; Open daily 24 hours.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: A Ramen

Private Munchies: A Ramen

There are moments when you head back from the club or the bar and you just want to efficiently wolf down a good bowl of ramen in the privacy of your own buzzing company. In and out before you can even mutter “itadakimasu” under your breath, A Ramen is a beloved one amongst the Ratchada party crowd, in large part – but not only – because of its ‘exam-style’ set-up. Guests to the restaurant are seated in private compartments separated by wooden wall barriers, ensuring everyone has their own little school-like desk for intimate slurping. It’s weirdly comfortable, with the only challenge presenting itself in the fill-out-the-form-style ordering system, which allows for endless customisation, from level of oiliness and softness of noodle, to garlic and spice levels. Order one bowl (classic ramen is priced at THB 150) or order seven bowls (with added Chashu Pork at THB 80); your neighbour would never know. It’s everything we could wish for past 12am: a judgement-free zone.

A Ramen (The Street Ratchada), B/F, The Street Ratchada, Ratchadaphisek Rd., Din Daeng, Bangkok, +66 81 545 3655; Open daily 24 hours.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: Too Fast to Sleep
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Quiet & Studious: Too Fast to Sleep

Perhaps you weren’t up all night drinking and dancing. Perhaps you were up all night studying. Perhaps the moon was full and you couldn’t sleep. Or perhaps you were just craving a piece of cake in the midst of the am. For all these instances, Too Fast to Sleep is a great late-night haunt to visit, albeit largely a university student hangout. Open 24 hours with multiple outlets across the city, the café is buzzing at almost any time of day and night, as a place to drink coffee (from THB 80), eat pastries (from THB 120), and chill out in a neighbourhood coffeeshop atmosphere. You can also get full Italian and Thai food dishes too, though don’t expect anything that will really awaken your inner gourmand. Rather, Too Fast to Sleep is about finishing that proposal, article, or even your very own novel, all in the grey hours between 2 and 8 am, with a Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake (THB 119) for company.

Too Fast To Sleep, 754 Rama IV Rd., Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok, +66 86 300 9955; Open daily 24 hours.

Late Night Restaurants Bangkok: Gallery Pizza

The Homie: Gallery Pizza

Granted, this one isn’t a late night restaurant in a traditional sense, but it deserves an honourable mention and a wondrous wave of applause from anyone who has scrolled to the end of their wits on FoodPanda after a night out. Gallery Pizza: bringing sleepy Sathorn-ers really, really good pizza at shockingly late hours. Where the business district is famously known for boasting little-to-no food options past about 10pm, Gallery Pizza quickly rose to a hungry insomniac’s saviour with pizza delivery until a glorious 4am. The cherry on top is that the pizza actually delivers in taste too, from the Classic Margherita (THB 265), Vodka Pie (THB 275), or the White Italian (THB 365) with baked spinach, Italian sausage, and parmesan. A slice that tastes as good the night before as it does the morning after (just saying), rumour has it that the pizza makers will soon be opening a second location in Ekkamai for Sukhumvit locals to enjoy these pies too. Bangkok late-nights? We’re ready.

Gallery Pizza, 137 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra 14, Bangkok, +66 02 041 1044; Delivery daily from 11am-4am.

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