Hummus, freshly baked pita and a simple Greek salad – these are the elements of a crave-able meal many go wild for. So if you’re a gourmand who’s into hummus and other down-to-earth Middle Eastern dishes like tabouli and dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Hummus Boutique by Mama Dolores nestled under Thonglor BTS will soon become your absolute favourite.

Embellished with wood elements and Middle Eastern tea cups and pots, Hummus Boutique gives off this old-school Moroccan charm that is lightened by the rock music background playing all day on the TV.

The genius of this Arabian haunt is the focus of hummus dishes; the menu is crafted upon the humble chickpea spread, offering hummus-based dishes with different kinds of toppings. Expect to see unfamiliar hummus toppings with a French or western touch that totally upends the classic Arabian taste profile.

The pillowy, cloud-like pita bread here also gets baked freshly throughout the day in the oven situated right in front of the shop. So those who love a good ultra-soft flatbread, the one here pairs exceptionally well with their fluffy, aerated hummus. The main highlight here is also that every dish is specially curated to be either vegetarian or vegan-friendly, making the venue a pleasant spot to be enjoyed by both meat and plant-based eaters alike.

Those craving for a power lunch filled with nutrient-packed ingredients, Hummus Boutique will cater to your craving with its repertoire of hummus-focused dishes. We got a chance to check out the space and tried some of the best dishes Hummus Boutique has to offer. Here’s a list of must-tries you need to order.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Falafel Greek Salad (THB 240)

Falafel Greek Salad is where green leaves get much-deserved love from the Greek well-beloved feta cheese, Kalamata olive and, of course, the fried fresh herb falafel made from chickpeas, fava beans and herbs. The fried veggie patties contain this crispy-exterior and soft-interior texture that makes it the perfect fatty counterpart to the healthy crisp greens. Served as a side is the baked za’atar pita that will give you another satisfying crunch.

Signature Shakshuka (THB 190)

Lava eggs on a simmering bed of cooked tomatoes, who wouldn’t like that? This Mediterranean dish perfectly showcases the cuisine’s heavy use of fresh produce and olive oil, which glistens atop the poached egg. The grease, as it is meant to be, provides another layer of subtle creaminess that rounds out the slight tanginess from the bright, chunky tomato mixture underneath ever so smoothly.

Crispy Memories (THB 220/280 for a set)

If you’re on the hunt for a soothing, highly-satisfying vegan dish, your search stops here. This Crispy Memories featuring bacon-crispy cauliflower and baked black eggplant totally celebrates the flower-like veggie, making it shine without having to pair meat to go along with it. Drizzled with a cool, mint sauce on top, the herby condiment acts as a toothsome glaze that binds together the veggies and fluffy hummus.

Lucid Dream (THB 280/340 for a set)

Hummus gets extra vividness through this dish of Lucid Dream with the added elements of big-fat chunks of avocado and hard-boiled eggs. Featuring also a heap of rocket salad, toasted almond flakes and Kalamata olives, the umami-packed Lucid Dream conjures this image of a lush oasis amid the vast plain desert that will surely delight your palate.

Funky Champignons (THB 220/280 for a set)

Here’s Hummus Boutique’s middle eastern and French take on the hummus dish. Instead of sticking to the spice-packed kebab, the venue subs in the sautéed mixture of champignons, spinach, caramelised onion and garlic confit to take the staple Arabian meal to new heights. The mushroom does a good job in soaking up the scrumptious seasoning which makes the hummus more flavoursome than it already is.

3 Cheese Pita Quiche (THB 120)

If you are in a cheese phase, satisfy your dairy cravings with this 3 Cheese Pita Quiche. The feta, mozzarella and parmesan atop the butter-enriched pita bread ensures extra deliciousness you can’t get from American-style cheese pies.

Vegan Mozzarella Sticks (THB 140)

It is really not necessary to give up mozzarella sticks even if you’re a vegan. Try these Vegan Mozzarella Sticks made from house-made cashew mozzarella at Hummus Boutique and get ready to be melted by its cashew-y nuttiness. Although you can’t get the stretchy cheese effect, these babies do the same thing as a real mozzarella stick by giving that milky deliciousnes we’re all after.

Hummus Boutique, 999 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok, +6692 819 8131
Open: Tue-Sun, 12-11 pm.

Hummus Boutique
999 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok
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