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Must-tries: Gigi Dining Hall & Bar brings out the fun in Italian food

When nine out of ten times, dining out means chomping down on a drool-inducing bowl of spaghetti or ricotta-loaded lasagna, you know age-old Italian cuisine has still got it. And although there’s a countless number of Italian restaurants in Bangkok, the city never seems to have enough “real legit” Italian eateries.

[All images courtesy of Gigi Dining Hall & Bar]

For food devotees who share a passion for pastapizza, Mediterranean salads, and dessert, Gigi Dining Hall & Bar will satisfy you just right. They’re serving an array of Italian breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner fare along with tasty, thirst-quenching cocktails and Italian spirits served in a semi-vintage setting hit with a splash of modern Italian hipster vibes and upbeat music.

Whilst the food here looks deceptively like classics, diners will be astounded by a few new elements incorporated in the dishes, which provide a fresh air to your typical Italian meal.

Recently, we got a chance to check out Gigi Dining Hall & Bar and tried some of the best new dishes the venue has to offer. Here’s a list of must-tries you need to order.

Cauliflower Power (THB 190)

Haven’t you heard? Cauliflower is the new steak. For carnivores and vegans alike, it would be a missed opportunity to not go for this wood-roasted cauliflower atop a dill and saffron emulsion sauce for your stellar starter. The veggie-centric dish gives you a healthy green gateway to an otherwise carby meal.

La Burrata (THB 370)

Burrata buffs will adore this burrata salad, which comes with a rainbow of ingredients like marinated tomatoes, herbs, pickled shallots, and sourdough crisps — all slathered in olive oil and topped with burrata. Delish.

Pesto is the Besto  (THB 250)

Tired of a tomato sauce-cloaked pasta? Tuck into a bowl of trofie pasta coated in pleasantly herbal and cheesy pesto that will hit all the right spots.

Ragu (THB 360)

Although ragu sounds like the least adventurous dish to try in an Italian eatery, it is almost always the most delicious option on the menu. The promising bowl of rigatoni pasta dotted with beef cheek slow-cooked in red wine ragu sauce is hands down comfortingly delectable.

Tartufo Nero Pizzette (THB 240)

Like pizza, but smaller, the pizzette here comes with different toppings. We went for the Tartufo Nero, a pie smeared generously with mascarpone cream and fragrant truffle paste, and scattered with shreds of scamorza (cow’s milk cheese) and mushroom. For truffle aficionados like us, it didn’t disappoint.

Pollo Milanese (THB 320)

It may look like your average fried chicken cutlet, but this huge Pollo Milanese breaded chicken breast, offers a bolder-than-your-typical flavour. This is achieved through the caper sauce and a bright citrusy salad made from baby gem lettuce, walnut, and chunks of ricotta.


Tiramisu can be overrated, but when it is this good, there’s no saying no. Gigi Tiramisu (THB 210) is immaculate in all its coffee-y fluffiness yielded from mascarpone cream and layers of Kahlúa and coffee-soaked ladyfingers.

Gigi doles out an array of great desserts. Beyond the tiramisu, another thing we tried and loved was this Gianduja Budino (THB 180), which is a decadent chocolate ganache topped with cacao cookie crumb, chocolate tuiles, and hazelnut-y elements like hazelnut cream and brittle. Undoubtedly, this one is our top must-try.

Gigi Dining Hall & Bar, 4 Soi Sukhumvit 45, Bangkok, +662 662 4478; Open: Mon-Thu, 5 pm-1 am; Fri-Sat, 5 pm-2 am; Sun, 11:30 am-11 pm.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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