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Must-tries: farm-to-fork fare to enjoy at RONG Sabiang

For city dwellers who are craving for farm-to-fork fare in a picturesque and soul-soothing setting, RONG Sabiang should be your next move.

Nestled beside the lush organic garden of Sansiri Backyard, the all-day-dining restaurant is led by the team behind Rongros, including Sansiri’s Chief Creative Officer Ou Baholyodhin who designed the space, and the mastermind behind the menu Ball Nuttawat.

[All images courtesy of RONG Sabiang]

That being said, it wouldn’t strike you as odd that RONG Sabiang – tried and tested – is an Eden for farm-derived cooking. The scrumptious repertoire of Thai and western dishes highlight the products grown right in the garden outside, and the airy, naturally-lit space inspired by a European glasshouse are an extension of the wholesomeness of the Sansiri Backyard.

With their “Sansiri Sustainability 2020” project in mind, Sansiri in collaboration with Chul Farm, Pongyo, RONG Sabiang, and the Patom Organic Living Sansiri Backyard, adds a splash of wholesome scrumptiousness and fun to its green T77 Community. It also offers urbanites looking a green escape dotted with edible plants and florals to pick, shop, and appreciate. So for green consumers thinking about getting their grocery shopping done, harvesting a head or two organic cabbage, or visiting a mini chicken and duck farm to get free-range eggs, it should be a go-to. Even better, take delight also into the array of food and drink over at the newly-opened RONG Sabiang. It will take your day of being a green god or goddess to new heights.

Recently, we had a chance to check out the space and tried some of the best dishes RONG Sabiang has to offer. Here’s a list of must-tries you need to order when you visit.

Watermelon and Aromatic Crispy Snakehead Fish (THB 220)

Watermelon cubes speckled with a generous sprinkle of coarsely-grounded fried snakehead fish is a dish that stands between a savoury dish and a dessert. It makes for one great appetiser being so refreshing and juicy, with a salty touch to cut through the sweetness.

RONG Sabiang Traditional Herbal Rice Salad Bowl (THB 290)

For a nutrient-dense, umami-packed salad with some rice to satisfy your inner carb lover, this Herbal Rice Salad is just everything you need to keep your body healthy and happy. Two styles of rice (cooked butterfly pea-coloured rice and crispy rice) are used here and they go perfectly well with a medley of raw, crisp veggies like pomelo, yard long bean, bean sprouts and more. Most special of all is the sweet, molasses dressing that binds all the elements together. Delicious.

Caramelised Tamarind Glazed Organic Duck Eggs (THB 140)

For a childhood favourite made better, it’s this: the Caramelised Tamarind Glazed Organic Duck Eggs. It’s like boiled eggs that have been taken to the next level by being deep-fried and showered in a scrumptiously sticky tamarind sauce.

Sauteed Cabbage in Fish Sauce and Crispy Baby Anchovies (THB 160)

Simple yet spectacular, this fish sauce-spiked sauteed cabbage is everything you need and more. Once hit by a splash of the funky fish sauce, shreds of crispy organic cabbage totally come to life and soak up every bit of the toothsome sauce. It’s the kind of dish that beautifully complements other dishes you’re having (say, pungent curry or deep-fried appetisers). Really, this one is a must-try, through and through.

Sea Bass, Green Papaya & Tumeric Curry (THB 260)

Curry lovers will not be disappointed with this one. The bright orange curry oozes out real-deal pungency. Chunks of organic green papaya from the garden combined with the sea bass also give off a natural sweetness to the freshness of the dish, lending a well-rounded flavour. It gets even better once spooned on top of a warm bed of rice.

Western dishes

Although we recommended going for Thai delicacies, RONG Sabiang also doles out a range of drool-inducing western dishes like Pork Chop with Housemade Gravy (THB 320), Spaghetti Bolognese (THB 290), Avocado Sourdough Toast and Fried Egg (THB 180), Ham & Cheese  Toasted Sandwich (THB 90), and more. We hear the Truffle Chicken Liver Parfait (THB 280) as pictured above is also a stellar starter as well as the Caesar Salad (THB 260) served with beautifully charred romaine. You’re going to have to try for yourself.

RONG Sabiang, Sansiri Backyard, T77 Community, 91 Phra Khanong Nuea, Bangkok, +6695 962 4272; Open: Mon-Sun, 7 am-8 pm. 

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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