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Must-tries: brunch classics with a twist at Siwilai Cafe, Central: The Original Store

Siwilai Cafe presents a refreshing take on your coffeeshop classics, be it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or afternoon delights.

If you’re already familiar with the brand, then you’re about to love it even more. The renowned Siwilai lifestyle brand has branched out and opened its second location at Bangkok’s historic Charoenkrung at the very hip Central: The Original Store. Supporting local farmers from different regions across North Thailand, this lifestyle brand has been blessing us with comforting coffeeshop staples with fun twists to suit.

Following a farm-to-plate ethos, each dish here is made with organic and sustainably-produced ingredients. Different to the Central Embassy branch, at this Charoenkrung branch, you can expect to relish in a more Thai-style and egg-centric breakfast along with Chinese-inspired noodle and rice dishes. What’s more, you can also enjoy some freshly-brewed single-origins from Chiang Mai at the in-house Slow Bar. It’s intriguing to watch the process of your coffee being made here; a true testament to that our local coffee culture is really thriving.

[All images courtesy of Siwilai Cafe]

Needless to say, it’s an ideal spot for early-risers to enjoy their breakfast and work under the glass panel ceiling where you can relax under the sunlight. It’s a cosy space with contemporary decor that gives you a really laid-back vibe. You can even take home some of the locally-sourced products the outlet uses, such as coffee beans, jams, honey, chocolate, chilli paste, chilli sauce, and more.

We recently had a chance to try some of the Thai breakfast dishes and international delights at Siwilai Cafe. If you’re planning to stop by for a bite, we’ve listed some of the absolute must-tries you need to order here.

Siwilai poached eggs

How do you like your eggs? These shallow pan eggs come with a Southern Thai-style spin, alongside crispy pork belly, tomato sauce, and toast bread. It is a wholesome egg-centric brekkie in itself. It hits the spot with its gooey poached eggs with a pinch of spice and crunchiness from the pork bites. Dip your bread into the eggs and let them work their magic.

Fried chicken with sticky rice

Bangkokians, we know you love your fried chicken and sticky rice in the most simple and subtle way, but this twist might just change your perspective. These fried chicken wings stuffed with curried sticky rice are just something else. Who would have thought you could have both in one scrumptious bite? Simply dip it in Siwilai’s in-house chili sauce and enjoy the hearty flavour of this fusion dish.

Truffle cheese toastie

If your mornings are incomplete without bread, then these sandwiches are the right choice. We know that truffle and cheese make a solid match, but having them toasted under a Panini press just adds that extra crunch. The truffle cheese toastie is the ultimate sandwich that is the scene-stealer in this breakfast menu. It’s cheesy, soft, and chewy – and melts right in your mouth. Don’t forget to dip it in their in-house pennywort pesto dip, too.

Sliced wagyu beef slider

If you’re a meat lover, then opt for the sliced wagyu beef sandwich which adds an extra oomph to your sarnie. Think, sliced sautéed beef with butter and onion, and melting cheese on brioche.

Fusilli vodka sauce pasta

Our favourite is hands down the Fusilli Vodka sauce that is simply the go-to comfort dish to satisfy any appetite. And why not? It combines all the best ingredients like parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes, and a rich creamy sauce. This one was definitely amongst our personal favourites.

Hainan chicken rice

You can’t shy away from the classics, can you? Hunting down a good Hainan chicken rice is quite tricky, but Chef Pita here at Siwalai Café makes it easy for us. We particularly love the garlic ginger sauce gives it that extra thrill.

Hainan noodle soup

In the mood for some noodle soup? Dig into this perfect comfort soup that has been inspired by an old family recipe. What makes the Hainan noodle soup so special is its history, preparation process, and ingredients. A combination of wagyu beef, aromatic fried garlic, and pickled cabbage, you can’t miss out on this new signature dish. Call it a hug in a bowl.


Banana khao mao chocolate Tart

Looking for a healthy frozen treat? Who would have thought that you could eat frozen banana ice cream with unripe green rice in a chocolate cup? This new addition to the original menu is a heavenly treat to your tastebuds. It’s not too sweet, and thereby hits the right chords. Definitely, the dessert you would want for breakfast.

Maple banana pancakes

If you’re a pancake lover, these Maple banana pancakes are as soft as a cushion. Whip up a bite, and you won’t be able to stop.

PHD bar

What does PHD Bar even stand for? Pumpkin. Honey. Dates. Now, we sure do love our pumpkins and dates with a drizzle of honey in the form of a bar that’s chewy and yet so delicious.  This dessert is a wholesome healthy one, and is reminiscent of a power bar. A few bites at the end of your meal, and you’re good to go.

Siwilai Cafe, Central: The Original Store, 1266 Charoen Krung Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Open Tue-Sun 10AM – 6PM.

Central: The Original Store, 1266 Charoen Krung Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok
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