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Must-try: 6 dishes and drinks you need to order at Eat Me Restaurant

WIn many ways, Eat Me Restaurant is the city’s perfect restaurant: inviting and unstrained in atmosphere, it has an array of finger-licking-good kind of food and drinks, blended in a setting of a mellow art gallery. It’s where classic and modern are mingled into a harmonious roar of global cuisine; it is a modern and international-focused restaurant that truly nails the modern and international part.

Having opened in May 1998, one of a few reasons that keeps Eat Me fresh and fab is the mastermind of Head Chef Tim Butler. You’ll likely know Tim from his time here in Bangkok, probably from the colour-printed pages of Bangkok’s magazines. However, let’s dig deep into his past, since the cool parts are that he was working for the far-famed Chef Daniel Boulud at Restaurant Daniel and for Chef Michael Cimarusti at LA-based restaurant Providence.

Now here at his kitchen in Bangkok, the American-born modernist chef nods to pristine Asian ingredients and international comfort food, approaching the well-loved staple dishes with his own East-meets-West slash progressive perspective on food and cooking. Influenced by the growing appetite for the ever-growing food trends, the food served here caters to all diner’s global food cravings but with the unexpected daring flavours awaiting to be found in each dish which showcases the vivid kaleidoscope of today’s dining scene.

Recently awarded No.33 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list — enduring their place on the prestigious list since 2014 — we sneaked into its two-storey jungalow style building to see why Eat Me is Bangkok’s (and Asia’s) much-loved dining or nightcap destination. We savoured the food, devoured the soul out of each dish and drank and drank a lot, and what did we find out? That every spoonful was well worth its reputation. So for you to fully experience Eat Me in its full vividness, we’ve curated six MUST-TRY dishes and drinks just so you’ll wine (well, cocktail) and dine there in a heartbeat.

Must-try dishes

1.Mixed Clams (THB 750)

Briny clam and Nam sausage indeed is the new duo. Cooked in coriander lime broth, Nam sausage — Thai pork sausage — lends extra acidity and fat to the broth. Once the clams nestle into the umami-packed liquid, they take up all the acidity without giving that briny, sea-like taste. It’s the ultimate soup you want to marvel at and indulge in.

2. Grilled Abalone + Plankton Rice (THB 950)

Here’s a delightful, oceanic take on the Italian delight, Risotto. The plankton-dusted rice is cooked to al dente perfection before getting showered in butter and tangy lemon juice. Presented beautifully on an oyster shell, the rice is then crowned with the meaty grilled abalone, capers, and charred spring onion. Undoubtedly, this is the dish that screams “ocean.”

3. White Asparagus + Caviar (THB 790)

A dish that is composed of a gem from the ground and a jewel from the sea, who wouldn’t like that? As it’s grown underground, white asparagus differs from the verdant green asparagus since it never got a tan — or chlorophyll to be more precise. Once cooked and plated upon a bed of saffron-infused mellow sauce, the pale green stands out in its uniqueness and the taste just goes fashionably well with caviar, Manchego cheese, crisp croutons and well-marbled ham.

4. Red Curry Oxtail + Bone Marrow (THB 1050)

Curry has always been a crowd-pleaser due to its creamy consistency and big flavours. Adding his own twist to the Thai curry staple, Chef Tim pairs his red curry braised oxtail with white-fleshed bone marrow. The oxtail which has been slow-cooked in the pot soaks up the fiery chilli paste and develops such delicate flavour while the meaty texture endures. Once paired with bone marrow, the fat-filled bone makes the dish an over-the-top meal, unlike any ordinary bowl of curry.

5. Grilled Veal Tongue (THB 690)

The hero ingredient for this dish might not sound appetising, but really, veal tongue is something you should try — at least once in your life. Beautifully grilled, two slices of veal tongue are placed atop the swoosh of black garlic aioli alongside kimchi, with the whole thing is sprinkled with julienne Green Smith apple. It’s high time we swap out the usual medium rare steak for the grilled veal tongue instead.


If you’ve been fawning over the chocolate-y brownie or lava cake, then you’re more than likely to also fall head over heels for this one. Delightful and decadent, the England-originated dessert “Sticky Date Pudding”, for the British, is a fat child’s dream and the adult’s afternoon tea. Made with Medjool dates, the cake stays marvellously moist with extra moisture from the natural sugar-packed fruit. Once blanketed under the warm butterscotch sauce, the cake becomes extra ooey gooey, the kind of texture that always go well with some vanilla ice cream served on a side.

Must-Try Drinks

1. Larb-Moo Cocktail (THB 390)
If there’s one drink you should sip and slurp at Eat Me, it’s the Larb-Moo Cocktail. Quite possibly one of the most infamous beverages in the Bangkok cocktail scene, no visit to the restaurant or the bar is complete without a fantastic sip of the stuff. Inspired by the spicy Northeastern Thai meat salad, it’s made with vodka, mint, shallot, cilantro, and roasted rice, topped with a fine slice of crispy Serrano ham. It may sound a little weird, but it definitely works. Our favourite drink of the night.

Larb-Moo Cocktail

2. Mieng-Khum Cocktail (THB 390)
Inspired by the traditional Northern Thai one-bite leaf-wrapped snack, the Mieng-Khum Cocktail bears the same light essence as the food it is named after. Made with Bacardi Carta Blanca, betel leaf, roasted coconut, shallot, ginger, and lime, it’s a refreshing and inviting drink to enjoy at the start of the meal. The mini Mieng-Khum that comes presented on the side of the beverage is also a cute (and very Instagrammable) plus.

Mieng-Khum Cocktail

3.Kha-Prao-Moo-Krob-Khai-Dao Cocktail (THB 390)
Part of the ‘Street Food Cups’ section on the drinks menu, the Kha-Prao-Moo-Krob-Khai-Dao is almost as good as its non-liquid crispy pork basil leaf stir fry counterpart. Made with Bacardi Carta Blanca, basil, garlic, Serrano ham, oyster sauce and dried chili syrup, it contains many of the elements of the street food staple that inspired it, without feeling overly heavy or overwhelming. The quail egg that comes on the side is also a charming touch, highly reminiscent of the real deal. A must-try for street food aficionados.

Kha-Prao-Moo-Krob-Khai-Dao Cocktail

4. Yen-Ta-Fo Convent Cocktail (THB 390)
If you’re from the neighbourhood, the name already of the Yen-Ta-Fo Convent cocktail will make you chuckle. We’re assuming it gets its title from the Yen-Ta-Fo soups served on Convent road just outside, and if the drink is anything to go by, they pack a true punch. Made with vodka, yen-ta-fo syrup, lime, black pepper, and angostura bitters, it’s certainly a spicy drink that will karate kick you in the throat with flavour. Not for the faint-hearted.

Lod Chong Cocktail

5. Lod Chong Cocktail (THB 390)
Lod Chong is a traditional sweet Thai dessert, made up of rice dough and coconut cream, palm sugar, and jasmine. The cocktail, which uses Tanqueray, jackfruit syrup, milk, and coconut oil, is a truly endearing tribute, ideal as a post-dinner dessert drink. Deeply indulgent.

6. Khow-Nhew-Ma-Muang Cocktail (THB 390)
A true favourite in Thai cuisine, it would’ve been absolute madness if the mango sticky rice dish didn’t translate into a snazzy cocktail on the list. Sure not to disappoint, the Khow-Nhew-Ma-Muang cocktail is made with Bacardi Carta Blanca, mango, milk, and coconut oil, and translates into a not too literal and sweet beverage. It’s a little heavy, so definitely save some room.


Eat Me Restaurant, Just off Convent Rd (in Soi Pipat 2), Bangkok, +662 238 0931

Must-try: 6 dishes and drinks you need to order at Eat Me Restaurant

Kankanit Wichiantanon and Lisa Gries

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