Not all of us are fans of freakshows but we are quite sure all of us are a fans of the freakshake. Opening its first and only branch in Thailand a few years back on the hectic street of Sukhumvit 39, the Australian-originated cafe, Patissez has now moved its branch to a cooler home at CentralWorld.

Born in Canberra and bred by the creative-minded Chef Anna Petridis who placed the freakshake on the world stage, the milkshake-fuelled cafe by far offers the best — or most bizarre – shakes according to many social media feeds.

The establishment, however, is not only the master of freakshakes, but also breakfast food, brunch dishes, freshly-baked pastries and cold pressed juices.

So if you’re a freakshake virgin and you’d like to give Patissez a go, we’ve listed a few must-try dishes you need to order. Trust in us and you won’t be left disappointed.

Mac N Cheese Croissant (THB 340)

Throw your ham and cheese sandwich out the window. It’s time we get civilized and go for this mac and cheese-stuffed delicacy that will take your entire sandwich experience to new heights. Featuring a generous portion of mac and cheese, maple-glazed Sloan’s bacon, poached egg, fried sliced garlic and rich tomato relish—all of which are stuffed between the halved toasted croissant — the dish will enliven your tastebuds, thanks to its buttery richness.

Spinach & Smoked Salmon Benedict (THB 350)

Salmon and eggss benedict? Really, you need no convincing. These two are the duo many breakfast eaters often go for. Made even more wholesome with a healthy heap of sautéed spinach atop toasted sourdough baguette, the dish makes a nutrient-rich meal that will fuel your body and mind with good energy.

Fresh Hot Belgian Waffles

Due to the use of overnight yeasted dough and coarse pearl sugar, Belgian-style waffles boast this wonderfully puffy yet crunchy texture that is worth every single drop of quality maple syrup you’ll be drizzling on its caramelized crust. At Patissez, every waffle will be made to order — which guarantees that the crust will still be sizzling hot and crunchy when the waffle is served at your table. The cafe has a variety of waffle toppings and flavours to offer but we recommended you getting the Chocolate Smash and Strawberry N Cream.

For cocoa buffs, Chocolate Smash (THB 250) is basically a chocolate explosion served on a plate. Composed of chocolate waffles, house-made chocolate fudge, fresh strawberries, brownie bits and Italian soft serve ice cream, this cacao-laden dessert is a smashing meal in its own right.

Not really a fan of musky, dark flavours? Opt for Strawberry N Cream (THB 245) where the Belgian-style waffle gets showered in pistachios and a a trio of strawberry elements: strawberry custard; strawberry sauce; chopped fresh strawberries. Topped with soft serve ice cream, the balance of tangy and sweet flavours makes this dish the ultimate dessert — or breakfast — to have for freshening up your palate.

Pretzella Freakshake (THB 230)

Having made a name from its freakshakes, Patissez offers these overindulgent shakes in an assortment of flavours like Thai Tea, Strawberry, Caramel, Coconut and so much more. The all-time signature, however, is the gorgeous Pretzella. A mashup of Nutella and mini pretzels, the dessert-like drink starts off with a good ice cream base blended up with Nutella before getting topped with a cloud of whipped cream. Studded with pretzels all over, the baked salted snacks then give this freakshake a fun look and perfectly salty taste.

Doughies (THB 39 per one doughie)

It’s a bit of a tough task to find handmade doughnuts in Bangkok. But all you artisanal doughnut devotees can now sing hallelujah since Patissez has now mastered their version of the fried glory. Freshly fried every morning, the hand-rolled doughies are stuffed with delicious fillings. We recommend going for the Strawberry Cream Cheese and the Cream Caramel ones since the two give a harmonious balance of tangy and lusciously sweet tastes.

Patissez, 3 FL, CentralWorld, 4 Rajdumri Road, Patumwan, Bangkok, +6689 833 3053

Open Mon–Sun, 10 am–10 pm.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
Kankanit is a writer by day and a baker by night. If there’s one thing you should know about her, it’s that she can wax poetic about food 24/7. Her daily routine is writing, cooking, eating, repeat. They are the things that inspire her from morning 'til night.