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Netflix & Actually Chill: Thai Netflix movies to pair with delivery food

Film and food have – no doubt – an affinity for each other.

And following the last piece we did on how to pair Thai series with delivery food, we’re back for more fun and fare to be paired with our new list of Thai movies worth watching on Netflix.

For us movie watchers and eating enthusiasts, it’s crucial to pair the right food with the right film. Here, we guide you through the movie slash munching sessions with scrumptious food from local eateries, which you can get delivered right to your doorstep. So let’s Netflix and (actually) chill with the best bites to pair with Thai movies.

[Featured and hero image credit: Netflix]

Image credit: Netflix

I Fine Thank You Love You

Pair with: AwesomeSauce Truck

Here’s a plain love story with unordinary and laugh-inducing twists. In order to win back his ex-girlfriend from the US, Yim realises he must do everything, including taking English classes. And that’s when cupid is doing his magic by bringing him a fairy, aka, an English tutor, who, ahem, might steal his heart. Since the movie is practically focused on Yim’s going-abroad dream, pairing it with American staples from AwesomeSauce Truck like gooey grilled cheese, mac & cheese, and a double-stack burger just sound like the right move.

Image credit: Netflix

One Day

Pair with: Muteki by Mugendai

Here’s one tragic love story, but we won’t spoil it except to say it revolves around the cliche memory loss theme — but with a binge-worthy twist of an office romance between coworkers. It also takes place in Japan so that gives you a big-fat excuse to order in a feast of Japanese fare like sushi, sashimi, and fried cutlets showered with a thick curry sauce from Muteki by Mugendai.

Image credit: Netflix

Pee Mak

Pair with: Paste Bangkok

Beware: this movie might get your stomach wrenching from laughing out loud. Here’s a part-comedy, part-horror, part-romance film adapted from the age-old folk lore about a faithful husband who is unknowingly passionately in love with his dead wife. Another insight: the movie is listed as the #1 highest-grossing film in Thailand of all time. And since the movie dates back to the mid 19th century, pairing it with elaborate, authentic Thai food from Paste Bangkok just seems like a no brainer.

Image credit: Netflix

My Girl (Fan Chan)

Pair with: Sri Trat

Here’s a movie everyone can relate to. A childhood’s love story between Jeab and Noi-Naa is told through the boy’s journey to his innocent past with his crowd and the girl he had a crush on. Featuring a vintage setting along with old-school Thai music and fashion, this movie should be fuelled with real-and-rustic Eastern Thai dishes at Sri Trat. They all come packed with authenticity and delectability.

Image credit: Netflix

Happy Old Year

Pair with: Haoma

Happy Old Year is a film regarding the art of cluttering and a long lost love story. As minimalist Jean is on a mission to tidy up her house, dumping everything down the trash brings about stuff belonging to her ex. It is a new mission to bring closure to her love life as well as decluttering her own mind also. And since the movie is set in the decluttering theme, going sustainable for your choice of meal seems like the perfect route. Haoma offers up a selection of delivery items made with farm-grown ingredients with some picked from their restaurant garden. The food also comes in eco-friendly packages so you can be environmentally responsible.

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