Cafes are where the best coffee resides. And coffee is an astounding thing: it keeps us going throughout the day and night. It is what we crave for breakfast, the essential for lunch and on our mind for dinner. Most important of all, it’s a must-have for a little afternoon pick-me-up or midday indulging session, which, arguably, of course, high tea can also help with too.
Yet as the world revolves around a “coffee first” motto, it comes as absolutely no surprise that the streets are crammed with cafes where folks can munch on food, sip on some tea, and — most importantly – indulge in quality brews. So as the new cafes keep dotting the land with their own unique takes on the cafe theme and all the delicious fare that comes with it, it keeps Bangkok’s cafe scene ever so refreshing and spirited. Tired of your typical joints already? We’ve curated a roundup of newly-opened cafes you need to check out this March for the ultimate caffeinated satisfaction, along with a side of sweet fulfilment.

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Sundance Lounge

If coffee is not really your cup of tea, march your way to Sundance Lounge for their fragrant English tea blends. Situated in Thonglor Soi 13, the tea house boasts an airy and cosy atmosphere with its use of glass walls throughout the venue. Stop here for the ice-down tea drinks or quality hot brews. American fare from White Shuffle and fresh baked goods from Eric Kayser are also available to fill your tummy up with light bites or a full-on savoury meal.

Sundance Lounge, 251/1 Soi Thonglor 13 Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok, +662 185 2728

Open daily 10 am-10 pm


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Cafe hoppers who are after a slow café, head over to AKART Day for a cup of excellence in the setting of an old colonial style house within the neighbourhood of Yen Akat. The venue makes sumptuously good coffee. Think, Hot Drip Coffee (THB 90/150), a cold Eight Latte (THB 80), and an Eight Black (THB 110/160). Crave for chocolate-basted or matcha drinks? Tuck into the café’s signatures like the Iced Chocolate (THB 90), Iced Mocha Hazelnut (THB 110) and Hot Premium Matcha Latte (THB 100). Brunch dishes and sweet delicacies like cakes, cookies, pancakes and toasts are also included in the menu to make you go there thirsty for coffee and hungry for satisfying food.

AKART Day, 30 Yen Akat Road, Bangkok, +66 2 249 0182
Open: Mon-Sun, 7 am- 7 pm.

CPS Coffee

First a jeans business, now a coffee shop, CPS is taking over Bangkok with fashion and food. Specialising in caffeinated beverages, CPS Coffee offers a range of coffee drinks along with other matcha and chocolate options, as well as baked goods and crisp yet slightly chewy cookie shots. The highlights here include the White Tea Lemonade (THB 150) and the Chai Rose (THB 150). Yet if you ask us, what really makes for an excellence after-meal dessert or the afternoon pick-me-up is the Iced Popcorn Latte (THB 180) and Thai Tea X Cocoa (THB 150). For dessert to cap off the coffee break, select the cookie flavours for your cookie shot (THB 120) — spanning chocolate chip, chocolate and matcha —  and then pick your favourite milk to go into the shot-glass-like cookie cup. Whether you like vanilla, matcha or chocolate milk, mix and match your taste freely to get that cookie shot  you love. Conveniently, you can now find the coffee shops in 3 locations: 2 Fl CentralWorld, 1 Fl ICONSIAM and M Fl Terminal 21.

CPS Coffee, 2 Fl CentralWorld, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok.

Open: Mon-Sun, 10 am-10 pm. 

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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