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6 new restaurants in Bangkok to check out this September 2021

Did you miss eating out at restaurants? Here are some new restaurants in Bangkok to help you satisfy all your cravings this September 2021.

Dining out was one of the greatest things we looked forward to during the lockdown, and now that the dine-in ban is lifted, we’re excited to check out new places again. Now that restaurants are welcoming back their guests, there is no more time to wait. Here are 6 new restaurants in Bangkok that you have to check out this September 2021.

[Featured Image Credit: OYSTERMAN]


You have to check out Saemaeul Sikdang if you’ve been craving some good Korean food. Not only is it regarded as one of the best Korean chain restaurants in South Korea, but it’s also the brainchild of the famous Korean celebrity chef Baek Jong Won. Aside from the original Korean barbecue, the 7-minute kimchi stew, yeoltan bulgogi, and Korean steamed egg with cheese are the stars of the show here.

[Image Credit: Saemaeul Sikdang]

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OYSTERMAN is a true haven for oyster lovers. Here you’ll get to enjoy a variety of oysters from different parts of the world while watching the oyster man shuck them right in front of you. Focusing on seafood and fine Champagne, OYSTERMAN imports fresh seafood from Europe on the weekly, so the fine dining experience always holds something special.

[Image Credit: OYSTERMAN]

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PAK Local Tapas is where local Thai ingredients and street food are levelled into fusion tapas that you won’t find elsewhere. Chef Park creates a series of innovative dishes, inspired by beloved street food dishes from around the world. Honouring sustainability and local ingredients, you’re sure to find an exciting burst of flavours here.

[Image Credit: PAK local Tapas]

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Bangkok finally has its first French pasta bistro with Coquillette. Here, guests are taken on a journey to Chef Clement’s childhood and his favourite meals that have been reimagined with a modern twist. Although Coquillette is currently open only for delivery, the home-y taste and the fresh flavours of Provence will certainly nourish your nights in.

[Image Credit: Coquillette]

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Bagel lover? The newly-opened Remy’s has got you covered. They serve freshly baked bagels and bread with a vast array of toppings to delight your day. You can even mix and match the toppings with choices of your favourite cream cheese. The Roasted Beef Truffle Cream Cheese and Salmon Pesto Cream Cheese are our favourites.

[Image Credit: @chanisararararararara/Instagram via Remy’s]

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Looking for a great brunch to start your day right? Maison Bleue is the next place you’ll be heading to. They have an incredible selection of French brunch dishes, from fresh brioche to Eggs Napolean III. They’re still in a soft opening phase at the moment, but we have a feeling they’re going to be proving extremely popular.

[Image Credit: Maison Bleue]

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