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Introducing 10 new world class restaurants at ONESIAM that all foodies must not miss

To all true foodies that enjoy having a flavour bomb in their mouth and are searching for new restaurants located in the same place with a wide variety of cuisines, we have you covered with our ten restaurant recommendations.

With the COVID-19 situation, we know that you food lovers miss physically dining at restaurants and indulging in dishes served hot out of the stove. Combining that factor with the restaurant’s ambience and conversing with someone across the table makes the meal much more spectacular. Recently, ONESIAM, known for its top three malls, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, perfect for both shoppers and food lovers, has opened the ultimate dining experience with ten new restaurants to please all foodies. Starting with the world-class popular barbecue restaurant from Korea to London’s infamous Szechuan mala shabu and even Switzerland’s most delicious street food and desserts will be available for visitors to try.

Siam Paragon, Zone Gourmet Garden, Floor 6

Starting at Siam Paragon at the zone Gourmet Garden on the G floor, all foodies must mark down these premium restaurants and dessert shops. With many choices, there is no need to fly to a different country as Siam Paragon has every type of food you need as new restaurants open.

Nabezo Premium

Delivered straight from Japan, this delicious premium shabu-shabu and sukiyaki is called Nabezo. However, the difference between this restaurant and the others is that this is Nabezo Premium, which is only available in Thailand, making this branch highly special! With its authentic taste, superior customer service, and high-quality ingredients, such as their Omi-Gyu grade A5 beef, which is ranked number 1 out of 3 in Japan. This specific cut of cattle was raised in the rich environment of Shiga City, where there are fertile crops and a clean water source filled with minerals from Japan’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Biwa. These environmental factors play a role in the meat’s sweet smell, fat marbling, and soft and delicate texture that completely melts in your mouth. The restaurant also serves X-Wagyu beef (Japanese F1 Beef), yellow tail fish, and kurobuta pork. Delivered directly from the land of raw fish and then into the heavenly hot pot for customers to try, there are many more items, such as appetizers, main courses, and scrumptious desserts to choose from.

Located at Zone G in Siam Paragon. For more information or to make a reservation, call 0986693174.

Burger & Lobster

The second restaurant, Burger & Lobster, must not be missed by those who travel to England. From London to Thailand, this tasty restaurant has landed in Siam Paragon. With the name Burger & Lobster, it is not hard to guess their best dishes. Therefore, our top three recommendations are beef burgers, where the meat is sent directly from a farm in Nebraska, the Canadian Lobsters, and lobster rolls! These signature menus perfectly capture the suave taste of the restaurant’s premium ingredients.

Burger & Lobster is located on the G floor at Siam Paragon. For more information or to make a reservation, call 096 208 0119.

Maple Tree House BKK

Those who love Korean barbeque, with quality and delicious flavours, and a premium dining experience, must come to Maple Tree House BKK. Grilled in the Samgyeopsal style, this restaurant has many franchises in the hippest parts of Korea, such as Itaewon and Gangnam. Only at Siam Paragon, this popular Korean restaurant opened its first and only franchise in Thailand for everyone to try its uniqueness like no other. Whether it is their top-quality BBQ meats or authentic Korean dishes, be ready to indulge in traditional Korean flavours combined with the contemporary atmosphere due to its interior decorations. The walls are embellished with green soju bottles to provide a sense of Korean culture, so food lovers do not have to fly to Seoul to experience true Korean delicacy.

Maple Tree House is located on floor G at Siam Paragon. For more information or to make a reservation, call 065 120 1293.

Oishi Grand

Moving upstairs to the zone, Food Passage, on the 4th floor at Siam Paragon, there are still many options. In this section, we have the new Oishi Grand, a premium Japanese buffet that is genuinely authentic with every bite. All the ingredients chosen have been of the highest quality, freshly imported from a leading fish market. Every single dish has gone through a process that enhances and elevates the taste of the menu. Get ready to satiate your tastebuds at Oishi Grand this December 2022.

Oishi Grand is located on the 4th floor at Siam Paragon.

Wisdom International Buffet

To please buffet lovers, even more, we introduce the only fine dining buffet, Wisdom International Buffet, that opens this year in the upcoming December. This restaurant selects only

the finest ingredients from all over the world, so come try their impressive line of dishes, only available at Siam Paragon, with the most prestigious package called Crown Buffet, which costs 9,999++.

Wisdom International Buffet is located on the 4th floor at Siam Paragon.

Siam Center, 2nd floor, Zone Vibrant Eatery Avenue

Those who visit Siam Center will notice a new zone that inhibits a hip ambiance. Vibrant Eatery Avenue, located on the 2nd floor, gathers street food shops loved by the new generation and many shops for desserts and drinks within this area.

Tum Tum (ตำตำ)

Those who love spicy food, especially papaya salad, must come to the restaurant Tum Tum. There are many delicious Isaan dishes that will deliver the wow in your tastebuds, such as papaya salad (som tum) and other various Thai salads such as ‘yum,’ ‘namtok,’ and ‘larb.’ Other mouthwatering menus include fried food or braised dishes. Come to Tum Tum to enjoy authentic Isaan food that will not disappoint!

Tum Tum is located at Siam Center on the 2nd floor. For more information or to make a reservation, call 063-121-8367.

Pleun Pung (เพลินพุง)

Try the restaurant Pleun Pung, as they are sure to serve heavenly food with a complete Thai taste. There are countless options. Whether it’s noodles or rice, there is always something for everyone to enjoy! If you can’t choose which destination to indulge in, either Tum Tum or Pleun Pung will still please your belly, as both menus are equally delicious.

Pleun Pung is located at Siam Center on the 2nd floor. For more information or to make a reservation, call 063 121 8367.

La Meow

La Meow is a Chinese restaurant that serves Hunan Sichuan cuisine. We guarantee the deliciousness of every dish as chef Feng Jun, a famous chef from IRON CHEF THAILAND, has created an impeccable menu. From stir-fried mala, mala soup, Schezuen pepper fried chicken, stir-fried pickled peppered beef, and beered fish soup to braised pork belly Hunan style, the chef’s curated menu is something Chinese lovers should not miss! In addition, the atmosphere is excellent as there is a mala bar with over 50 different types of delicious and strong liquor. You

can choose your desired spice and salt level; however, we would like to recommend the original 100% spicy, as it will definitely numb your mouth! This restaurant is a must-try!

La Meow is located at Siam Center on the 2nd floor. For more information or to make a reservation, call 099-391-9642.

Ronnies Macaron

After consuming spicy food, we suggest a shop to help cure the burn! Ronnies Macaron sells flourless macaroons using premium almond-grade flour. The sweet-smelling macaroons are soft and chewy in texture, incomparable to any other place. It comes with a light cream filling with the right amount of sweetness; pair this dessert with hot tea or coffee, and you have found the perfect match!

Ronnies Macaron is located at Siam Center on the 2nd floor. For more information or to make a reservation, call 081 839 5885.


As we end the list, the last shop, ERR, a Tawainese cafe, serves delightful desserts such as bingsu or baobing, also known as shaved ice, which is refreshing. Order the Taiwanese fire-breathing dragon tea, peanut butter tea, or a cold brew nitro; this first franchise in Thailand has many options.

ERR is located at Siam Center on the 2nd floor. For more information or to make a reservation, call 091 549 5415.

All foodies must get ready with their friends to discover a new experience of deliciousness with these ten new restaurants at ONESIAM. Not only will they be able to consume all these tasty options, but there will also be a special promotion for those who dine at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery.

For more information, visit ONESIAM Official.

Introducing 10 new world class restaurants at ONESIAM that all foodies must not miss

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