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Cook up a storm at home with these online cooking channels

There are many reasons why people like to go out for food in Bangkok.

Firstly, there is a vast repertoire of restaurants here with varied price points ranging from cheap and affordable to ultra-expensive fine dining. Secondly, some cooking does require a lot of time; a luxury city dwellers don’t seem to have. Thereby, without a shadow of a doubt, whipping up a meal from scratch may not be for everyone.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, however, stocking up a pile of food to make sure your imposed or self-imposed quarantine goes smoothly is almost a must. Hence, cooking just becomes inevitable. Not a gifted cook? No fret. These YouTubers and cooking masters are here to your rescue. We’ve curated a list of channels you should watch for simple cooking just so you could quarantine with good food and good vibes.

[Featured image credit: Jamie Oliver/Facebook; Hero image credit: Unsplash/Cristina Matos-Albers]


For textbook-perfect, easy-to-follow recipes, Tasty by BuzzFeed is a channel you should be subscribing to. From pasta and pastries to burgers, noodles, and desserts, the channel covers a horizon of cuisines, featuring all the craveable recipes every foodie could possibly crave.

Nigella Lawson

Dubbed the ideal domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson, British-native cooking show host and writer, is famed for her stylish yet simple and easy-going approach to cooking (and immense joy in eating). It’s something many home cooks and foodies – like us –  can easily relate to. Her recipes are straightforward, plus vibrant and diverse in flavours; and her food takes inspiration from various cuisines, spanning British, Thai, Spanish, Turkish and especially Italian. For the latter, she harvested a culinary heritage during her time living in Florence. Those who want to learn the pleasures of cooking as well as of eating, her cooking shows will level up your expertise in the kitchen for the better.

Jamie Oliver

If Nigella Lawson is the domestic goddess, we happily dub Jamie Oliver the king of domestic delights. Jamie Oliver is known to many as a British celebrity chef, author and cooking show host. For the longest of time, Jamie has been almost like a movable monument for the home culinary world; his shows and cookbooks have taught millions of culinary newbies how to cook. His YouTube channel includes a boatload of recipes, with how-to steps easy to digest and follow. The results? Delicious. Tried and tested, his scrambled eggs three ways and skin-crisped roast potatoes in particular are to die for.

Pailin’s Kitchen

Not much of a fan of western fare? Your move is Pailin’s Kitchen. The Thai native professionally trained chef, Pai will walk you through little tips and tricks into making your favourite scrumptious Thai dishes alongside teaching the language and explaining Thai culture at its best. With easy-to-follow recipes on Thai staples, her videos are for any home cooks; foreign and Thai folks alike. Her cookbook entitled “Hot Thai Kitchen” also reads hundred of old-school, authentic Thai dishes, which is a living proof she’s not messing around. At the same time, she’s also making Thai cooking more congenial and less intimidating to cook.

Everyday Food

Everyday Food, as the name suggests, is all about ordinary-made-spectacular, everyday recipes you can recreate at home. With a team of professional chefs walking you through all kitchen conundrums, Every Food will be your compass to scrumptious cooking in no time. New videos are posted daily from Monday to Sunday so make sure you turn that notification button on to keep up with the feeds.


For a channel that caters to every generation and gender, check out KIN COMMUNITY. The lifestyle-focused site is your ticket to a delicious lifestyle. KIN features everything concerning home, DIY ideas, family, and, of course, food. The channel keeps it real, bringing together both housewives and culinary professionals to show you how they nail cooking at home.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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