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9 healthy snacks to order for delivery in Bangkok

If you fear gaining a lot of weight during the lockdown, or simply want to indulge in healthier choices, check out these healthy snacks in Bangkok that you can order for delivery.

It’s impossible to know when our sweet cravings or hunger pangs will strike. For any and all of those moments, it’s important to have healthy choices readily available in your kitchen. Consider this list of healthy snacks whenever you need to curb your sweet tooth. 

[Hero Image Credit: Lina Kivaka/Pexels]

Skinnylicious is one of the first and most famous healthy snack providers in Bangkok, and before lockdown could be found in most malls and department stores. They cater to many different diets, and offer healthy variations of common favourites like brownies and energy balls especially.

Brownies aren’t just delicious, they are also versatile. I Am Brownies Homemade makes a selection of fabulous lesser-sweet brownies topped with whole grains. Healthy and made-to-order, you can get a slice of chocolate goodness and not feel guilty about it either.

[Image Credit: I Am Brownies Homemade]

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Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially for cracked cookies that are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, Fit Bakery does it unlike most others. They use 50% less sugar than common recipes, and feature a whole range of flavours to choose from. The Matcha Cookies are our top pick.

[Image Credit: Fit Bakery]

Looking for a substitute for your favourite chocolate truffles? Bettercup Canteen & Cafe have got you covered with their Vegan Chocolate Balls. Although these are the only low-calorie snack offered here, there are already very popular . You can rejoice in the fact that it’s a dairy- and sugar-free snack. In addition to the original version, there’s also an apricot flavour if you want some more fibre.

[Image Credit: Bettercup Canteen & Cafe]

If you can’t go a day without bread and you’re running out of it, Healthy Please is where you’ll be ordering next. Here, they make it clear that in every loaf of bread they bake, there is no butter, egg, dairy, or stevia. The bread is already flavourful itself, but there are also a bunch of fun additions like pumpkin and cranberry.

[Image Credit: Healthy Please]

From dried fruit thins to hearty brittle sticks, Eat One Cup offers a range of nutritious snacks to satisfy your crunchy cravings. Our top pick? The Almond stick. It’s gluten-free, grease-free, and contains only a little of brown sugar (instead of white sugar) for sweetness. It’s also a nice source of protein and unsaturated fats, too.

[Image Credit: Eat One Cup]

Chanya Kiao Mun makes some of the best baked veggie snacks, and it’s a perfect choice of snack if you have trouble eating enough vegetables. Loaded with 10 – 15 types of colourful vegetables, it’s also a great addition to a muscle-building diet when you’re having sugar and carb cravings.

[Image Credit: Chanya Kiao Mun]

8 /9

Granted, Plantiful makes meals that go far beyond snacks, but if you’re feeling a little more hungry than a light bite, we love the options here. The 100% wholefood and plant-based cafe has a big menu, and for when your snack craving extends to thinks like nachos and pancakes, they’ve got healthy variations to offer you.

At the end of the day, nothing beats ice cream. But did you know that ice cream doesn’t have to make you feel guilty? Beyond Pops makes plant-based popsicles that not only look cute but are flavourful, too. What’s more, they often come topped with healthy nuts and superfoods and use organic ingredients.

9 healthy snacks to order for delivery in Bangkok

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