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How to make plant-based essentials at home

For the vegan-forward society we are gradually becoming, finding plant-based food alternatives in Bangkok is as easy as buying bananas.

Although vegan products are widely available, one thing we can agree on is that they are not always affordable for everyone. But if you’re not in the know already, there are certain plant-based things we can easily make from scratch at home. These videos by plant-based gurus will show you how you can recreate everything from seed milk to vegan cheese and mayo. Let’s get cooking.

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Nut Butter 4 Ways

Apart from avocado, what makes a stellar topping on toast is also nut butter. The store-bought versions are wonderful, but making your own means saving a ton more and you can adjust on the ratio of salt and sugar, depending on your taste preference. Simply Quinoa will show you everything, from making simple peanut butter to the elegant vanilla bean cashew butter and chocolate coconut almond butter to spice up your nut butter game.

Plant-based Milk

For a change of taste from cow’s milk, plant-based milk made from wholesome nuts offer up creamy delectability touched with a nuttiness that will make your coffee hour or even just morning cereal even more exciting and fun. It’s also a good way to kick start your transition from a 100% carnivore diet to more of a vegan lifestyle.

Seed Milk 4 Ways

For those who’ve already been drinking nut-based milk for quite some time, opting for milk made from seeds will surely excite your palate as well as nourishing your body. Another plus is that these recipes are a celebration of colours which will add a splash of vibrancy to your dining table at any time of the day.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese? Yes, it can be done. So for those who long to be vegans but do not wish to sacrifice the pleasure of eating cheese, this is your solution. Whether you want a cheesy dip or a solid, gruyere-like cheese, here are a few varieties of plant-based cheese you can recreate at home.

Vegan Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is the main condiment in an array of dishes. So if you’re having a hard time avoiding it, having these vegan mayo recipes on hand will make your foodie life so much easier.

Coconut Yogurt

Not only is yogurt an essential for breakfast, but it also makes perfect dips, snacks and smoothie. So for plant-based devotees who are not ready to give up on the indulgence of this dairy product, homemade coconut yogurt by the twins of The Happy Pear will soon become your kitchen staple.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
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